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Real Time

The real, the now, the true. This is what we want, real meaning, real information. We are looking for the connecting thread of wisdom that shows us the way to live better, and have a better tomorrow.


Change is inevitable and presents a paradigm of rapid movement towards different realities. What we do today shapes our future. Our life has greater meaning and purpose, than just cruising through. Today is a different paradigm, happening in real time.

Meditation Classes

Meditation is the gateway to spiritual development and the art of finding the real self. A fascinating study of inner exploration. We tend to think about everyone else, instead we should first come to know ourselves, and then we are in a position to help others.

Life’s Showcase

No matter how difficult life can be, there is always a solution. No problem is too difficult to handle, the human spirit will always rebound when there is a new perspective. Wisdom and knowledge when applied brings peace of mind as well as the right activities. RealTime Paradigm is the reaching out to find those of like mind who want to experience the inner mysteries and discover them to be real.

Finding Truth

There are many paths that lead to truth. In reality truth is subject to our opinion and current knowledge. The pursuit of truth will lead you to different unexpected places. It is this pursuit that brings new perspectives that open the mind to advance not only in technology but in the spiritual as well.

The truth will bring you to quieter places where there is less to see and do, but there is more to explore on an inner journey. We focus so much attention on the outer, what about the inner self? In real time we explore the ideas that lead us to experience the truth of life, its value, and the meaning of our existence.