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If you want to get your message through to your audience you have to write to be understood.  As a freelance Copywriter and Web Content Strategist, I represent the consumer. The person who reads the content, the visitor to your website. Tell your story. Simple and clear. Beyond the ordinary into the heart of the matter.

The Web is a library and the future classroom. Technology moves faster than we do. What we need is someone with the patience to show us how it works. I specialize in writing from the user’s perspective.

No one knows everything when they first see something. The help menu is the user’s friend. A video tutorial explains the details from the user’s perspective. The course material is designed and written for the user. The result is a motivated learner who completes the course, armed with a new skill.

If You've got 30 Minutes

It used to be a Website was rare. Not everyone knows how to operate one. Technology rocks. We get it. What doesn’t rock is not knowing how to operate a Website when you need one.

We like to think we know how it works. The truth is we don’t someone else does. Developers, designers, free Websites, where do you start?

If you’ve got thirty minutes¬†then we can start the conversation. Since 2006 I’ve been working with WordPress. It’s the best software with the most flexibility. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner; or in the second phase looking to expand; or at the top and there’s another mountain you want to reach – you need content strategy and someone to listen to you.

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