Writing in real time

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Website Dilemma

Need help with your website? Websites aren’t simple, until someone shows you how.

Writing on the Web

Everyone can write. Web writing is different. A blog post isn’t a Thesis. How do you write for the Web?

Choosing A Theme

Your Theme choice is vital to your peace of mind so you can do the work and not the Theme.

A Mentor

Another human being willing to lend a hand and pay it forward. Who knew, now you do.

Web Content Copywriter

Reach your audience with your message. The person on the receiving end of the content, the user, the researcher, or the long-time subscriber. Your content tells your story, breaks news, and gives insight. Simple and clear. Beyond the ordinary, into the heart of your business and service.

The Web is a library and the future classroom. Technology is the paradigm of information at our fingertips.

Writing web content is different than writing for print. Writing isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to do. Your Website is a multi faceted avenue of communication and requires a large amount of written content. Every user has an insatiable appetite for information. As a Web Writer my purpose is to help you say it in words on the Web.

If You've got 30 Minutes

It used to be a Website was rare. Technology rocks. We get it. What doesn’t rock is not knowing how to operate a Website when you need one.

We like to think we know how it works. The truth is we don’t someone else does. Developers, designers, free Websites, where do you start?

If you’ve got thirty minutes let’s start the conversation.

I started using WordPress in 2006.  The software was designed with the user in mind. It is flexible and not difficult to learn if you’re using it for the first time. If you’re revising an existing site there are choices when it comes to Themes. Is the theme responsive? Can it accommodate your future plans?

The Website will need written content to communicate your message. This sounds simple but it involves a well planned content strategy. The journey to creating a website is a refining process. You need someone to listen to your ideas and give you the benefit of having been through the process.