The Website is FREE!

Yes, you read that correctly. You pay nothing. Log in and create an account and choose a Theme. We’ve made it simple so you don’t have to do the work. The website is SEO optimized and has a top ranking status with the search engines. The FREE Theme comes with Social Media integration and Email Marketing. Go live on the web and send an email campaign to your customers. They’re the first to see your brand new website. And best of all, it’s FREE. Start now, today!

The paragraph above is the type of content specifically written to lure you into the Free Version because this is exactly what you want to do. Find a Theme that doesn’t cost anything because WordPress is technically free, then choose a Theme and send an email campaign to your customers to grow your business online.

This is a specific style of writing meant to persuade you that this is a good idea to implement because it’s just how you want it. What isn’t written is the reality of the false claim.

It is not possible to set up a functional website and do business on the web with a built in email campaign feature, for free.

To build a functional website you will need more than a free platform to start with.

Hosting Companies that offer free platforms for a website have restrictions; limited memory. No tech support for the theme. No server access to send an email campaign. Cookie cutter Themes. Advertisements that can only be removed by upgrading to a paid account.

Only after you signed up for the FREE, do you realize the restrictions.

But you ignore the problem and try to continue anyway, because it’s FREE, and there’s nothing to loose.

This is the rationale that is intended. To get you to buy into the FREE offer.

Sold on FREE

I’ve done it many times. Fell for the free version, and then the push notices to upgrade. At first the upgrade push is subtle then it becomes aggressive. That’s when you start to get blocked and cannot accomplish what you want with the free version.


You Will Be Persuaded

It’s the nature of selling. 

First it’s FREE. Then it creeps into expense. It’s not a bargain. 

You’ve been sold on FREE.

You are free to get rid of buying into the free version.

A website has three basic components to function on the web, a Domain Name, a Hosting Company, and a Theme.

You will find offers of a free Domain when you sign up for Web Hosting. Here’s where you do the math, and work within your budget.

The tools to create a website have been greatly improved. But the underlying factor on the journey to building a website is that the free version won’t yield a fully functional website.

Today, without a functioning website, a business or service is not going to succeed, no matter how good the products or services are.

Many people fail to launch their business online simply because they had the wrong information when they started out with a freebie offer.

Building a website isn’t going to be free it’s a carefully planned journey that leads to establishing an online business or service. The first three stops on this journey are in this order:

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