Is there such a model? I believe there is and will boldly attempt to define this new model as tenuous as it seems. Become adventurous and explore the spiritual and its development. This is not as difficult as it may sound when you take the time to think about such a new model. It is a milestone in your life when you begin to contemplate your spiritual nature and make sense out of newer and more advanced ideas entering the picture. The truth of the nature of the progress of spiritual development will renew us.

What is the Spirit?

The spirit, the soul, have have you seen yours lately? Spirituality is the pursuit of the concern for the higher things in life. The mind is our consciousness, and the spiritual is the contemplation and experience of the spirit or the soul. The pursuit of the Spiritual is the pursuit of the greater and lesser-known part of us. When last did you think of yourself as a spiritual being? Yesterday, at the breakfast table, you had a spiritual experience downloading the new food app to your newly acquired all-in-one kitchen computer.

The contemplation of the soul or spirit is beginning to open as we approach life very differently today than in the past. The existence and origin of things is far more interesting as we implement technology to discover our bodies, nutrition, and space exploration. These are just a few examples of subjects we touch on in one day. Our current way of life is actually causing a shift; a new model of spiritual development is taking place without our having to be secluded in a monastery or a remote cave in the mountains.

We are more sensitive and caring about others as we see and experience the heartache of life as news goes viral. Tragedies and real life events challenge our morals and cause us to think deeply about social issues. We have empathy for people all over the world as we are now connected through a different mechanism than the carrier pigeon or the horseman.

The discovery of older civilizations that existed before our history books causes a new kind of contemplation. Suddenly the time zone shifts and we go back further in time than we thought we did. In fact, we are unable to trace the origin of the human race as archeologists uncover bones and artifacts showing people like us existed on earth millions of years ago.

New knowledge of this kind puts us back on the road to ourselves. Contemplating all these new things broadens our perspective and it is then we start to understand the uniqueness of the individual. Your spirit is now closer to becoming real as you can see things differently with new information. Life is developing into a more intense, spiritual experience.

What is development?

The science of your spiritual development is happening everyday. Our cognitive senses are sharper, as is our sensitivity and awareness. For example, with online interaction, we are not just looking up information we are interacting with other minds. In reality we are developing our spiritual awareness with new faculties of comprehension.

How many times do you ‘sense’ something about a person from their email address? When you visit a website, you  form a distinct impression of that site. A website is an introduction to the person or business. The vast knowledge we access brings a new sense of individual empowerment regardless of gender. Refined software creates a pleasant experience of learning. We have a whole lot more information to deal with life’s issues and we are more intelligent as a result.

The constant interaction with the old and the new presents the challenge. There is no perfect person or model to follow. The new model of spiritual development is life itself with all the changes and new ideas. You are the new model of spiritual development.

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