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The way we build websites has changed

WordPress the world’s best content management system just got better, and the Divi Theme introduced the Visual Builder with real time editing. This changes everything.

The world’s

Most Popular 

Versatile Theme

You’ll never get tired of using Divi. 

Premade Layouts

Excellence in design crafted for you to find the layout you like and use it.

Divi Library

Save a layout to the library for later use.


Always secure and updated regularly. 

Not the usual theme

The visual balance of text and image when laying out content on a webpage is a challenge. 

The Divi Theme is designed by Nick Roach and the Elegant Themes Design Team. You know it when you see it. They achieved the elegance of design. 

Write here about your experience with the Divi Theme and how it has given you the opportunity to follow the designer’s lead. Link this also to Website Dilemma page. Instead of putting this page in the menu add it into a bottom section that has the same color as the footer. Then make it a global item for every page.

Might not need the navigation menu in the footer area or the blog posts? 

This way it saves you having to add pages to the menu so you have the clean simple main menu. Reduce the width of this section as well. It is wide, bring it into alignment with the row above, even though you don’t have any modules on the right of the middle text module.

Write from your heart and bring out relating to the person who wants to know more about Divi. It’s true, you know real design when you see it. The truth is you love design and have a natural eye for it. You can see the structure of the premade layout and change the image to get the communication visually.

How Much Does it Cost

The Divi Theme costs $87 annual fee, or you can have a lifetime membership for a one time fee. Then your cost is $0. Updates, plugins, layouts, and tech support included.

Long Term

The Divi Theme won’t suddenly stop being produced. They are too busy improving Divi and working on the next feature. This theme has been translated into 32 different languages, and is used all over the world.

Divi Community

Since the Divi Theme came out in 2013 designers and developers have been creating complimentary plugins and extensions to use with the Divi Theme. 

It’s Divi

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Was created using one page from a layout pack.

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The Divi Theme came out in 2013. One look at the features of this theme and I changed all my websites. Eleven years later, I’m still using Divi and loving it.