This is an abstract concept and requires a more in-depth look. It is precisely this issue that needs clarification.  When you have a sense that something is not quite right this is the time to trust your sense and look deeper. Even if this sense is vague or inconclusive pursue it further until you are satisfied with what you find.

Gathering information these days is easy, but the issue is taking time to assimilating the information and then coming to the correct conclusion. Misinformation is a common problem today, we do not know who to trust or believe. The boundaries of the fascinating information age are not yet clearly defined, and we are still dealing with the trust factor.

This is a real time dilemma but not impossible to deal with. We need to learn to evaluate things faster and quicker, but this is a fact of life today and not relative to one’s age. The age factor is an excuse to sidestep the truth; people are involved in the forward movement of ideas regardless of their age. The current time we live in pushes us forward whether we like it or not.

Become Shrewd

A shrewd person possesses intelligence and insight. Sound judgment is through reasoning and information. The more you evaluate things for yourself the better. Finding what is true and real is going to be the key element for a while. This only serves to give you the opportunity to figure things out for yourself.

freeIn general, it is better not to rely on someones information. If you operate on correct information that you figured out, this sets up a new energy field around you. There is not going to be too much clarity until you actually decide you are going to find the clarity for yourself.

Clarity comes from your own experience. This is how you come to know who you really are and not whom you think you are. A strange, but subtle difference emerges; you gain individual strength and vitality, when you start to know for sure.

Finding that all is not what it seems will lead you to other ways of thinking. The door to new ways of thinking has been open for a while. It depends on whether you want to enter that room or not. You can cruise by and ignore the open door pretending the opportunity to enter the room does not exist, or you can stop in and find out what the open door means.

The open door is the entrance to being able to access something new. The room represents the huge change we are experiencing with the way we live and communicate. Your reading this is a testament to that change. The door is open to finding out more, but only if you enter the room.

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