What inspires achievement? Is it an idea or something within that propels us forward to make lemonade out of life’s lemons. There is an ongoing duality an ever eternal positive and negative. This is our growth and learning, through the various events and happening, it is this that moves us forward even though it may seem that we are not moving forward fast enough. The pace of learning has its own time when it is in-depth.

Learning Inspires Achievement

There is a satisfaction that comes from knowing because you took the time to find out for yourself. You did not follow everyone else, this is the most precious learning of all, your experience. One cannot help but agree with Sir Francis Bacon who promoted the idea; your experience is your authority. This is an exhilarating prospect when you understand this statement.

You are indeed your own authority on all you do and say and think, until you meet another who knows more.

Interaction with the minds and opinions of others who know more brings the inspiration to achieve providing you are ambitious and want to achieve.

Ambition will result in achievement, but it is wise to clearly define what it is you want to achieve:

  • Can you form a clear picture in your mind
  • Are you set by doubts and fears?
  • Do you sometimes feel you could never do what someone else is doing?
  • Why do others have it all and you have yet to achieve?

If others have it all and you still have yet to achieve, you could be mistaken. Look carefully at your life and see that which you are achieving and not at someone else, for their life is not your life.


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