In the beginning… there was a stillness on the horizon, the modules were an idea in the designer’s mind, the ideal placeholder for the information.

A text, an image, a blurb, a full width slider, and the family of modules was born into the house of Divi.

The designer went to the developer and said write the code for this please. The developer nodded thoughtfully and the string of code poured from the keyboard. The logic phrases of code, fetched and styled integrating perfectly with WordPress. This is the story of the dawning of the Divi Theme.

Okay, so I’m hopelessly in love with the Divi Theme since it came out in 2013. I switched my website to the Divi theme. I can’t get enough of it and love using it, thanks to the designers and developers of the Elegant Themes team who created the master framework upon which to build a website.

The Divi Theme Changes Everything

I don’t know how to code.  All the effects you see in this website are made through the module. Each module gives you the option to style it. All the code is already built into the module.

The way the website looks and the way it is built isn’t only for the designer and the developer, it’s also for the user.

WordPress is the go-to software for websites today. The software has the flexibility to add in desired features and it has a robust core structure. Everything about building a website with Divi is pleasurable as it should be.

Of course not everyone wants to take the time to figure out how the Divi theme works, they leave that to people of my nature. I will work with the module to see what it does and figure out how to make it shorter, longer, and fit in better with the layout.

Divi has an on-page visual builder.

You can write directly into the webpage, this helps you put the content into the website in the right place. As you type into the module you can see the changes you make as you are making them.


Popups. Moving pictures. Wobbling Buttons. Push notifcations.

Cookie notices.

Clean Interface

The right amount content is easier to read.

Create enough white space.

The Content

The words, the images, and the white space. 

The eyes need to rest and not have so much text to read.

Using The Divi Theme

The Theme is self-sufficient – all you need is built in

The design for the creative and the visual

The code brought to perfection to render the exact right look

The code is built in and you don’t need to know how to code

Updates and improvements are added constantly. No other Theme has brought so many features to an existing framework. With each new feature, you can add functions. All wihtout needing to know how to code.

In truth, the elegance of design is, less is more. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Trends come and go, material design, minimalist design, flat design, three dimensional design, all will in due time live for a while then expire.

What doesn’t expire is your style and that is unique to you.

For me the ordinary user, the ability to place the modules, adjust the headings, widen the space, add colors, images, is an avenue of expression on the web.

If you’d like to use the Divi Theme, you must be a member of Elegant Themes. This is my affiliate link. I have used Divi since it was published in 2013.

And now there is Divi…

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