As we start on the journey towards understanding more about the self and who and what we are, we begin to speculate upon a deeper part of us. Perhaps we could call this our spiritual self. Of the spirit, of the soul, the nature and essence of our being. It sounds more in-depth than we want t think about. This is precisely why our approach to spirituality is being revised today.

What inspires spirituality, to want to penetrate into the unseen, to know and experience it? An actual experience of the unseen, or the fascination with the subject? Both induce a desire to know. If we see a beautiful picture, or scene does this inspire our higher aspects. Do we look at the wonder of the world we live in and marvel at what it is. Sometimes this world we live in is too overwhelming with violence and terror and we cannot see its beauty. This beauty is in all things and in all persons. The sun shines on all, animals, and humans and everything with life in it.

How then do we come to know our spirit within us? It is part of us and not something we can ignore. Science has been trying to find the spirit, or soul, for a long time. We know of spirits existing in an afterlife.

But what of our spirit while we are alive on earth? It needs our attention or else it will not develop. How do we develop ourselves spiritually? One way is to become involved in the discussion of spiritual development. Participate in the exploration of the spiritual and join a meditation class.

Approaching Spirituality – is it really that important?

Try reflecting on these questions to rate its importance:

  • Do you really want to be spiritual?
  • If you answered yes, but…
  • Don’t really have time for it now
  • You will when you get your life organized
  • There is just not enough time in the day to even stop and think
  • You think about spirituality on a particular day or time of the year
  • People who look for spirituality are wasting time

How you respond will give some insight on how you view spirituality.

When we do not have a sensible approach to spirituality, we are at risk. We lose the vital essence of ourselves. This is the time to propose an updated formula to approaching spirituality. The spiritual part of us sleeps until awakened. Technology will not be able to replace spirituality.

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