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Today everyone is a writer of some sort. The Web demands communication in writing. We do not realize how suddenly the Web came upon us and how much pleasure we get out of using it. The more you use the Web the more you write.

In reality, writing is an opinion expressed in writing. Once your writing is out in public, another mind will find it and form their opinion of your writing.

This article discusses what a writer is in a more in-depth way. It is time to depart from the easy to do and quick tips we read. If writing were easy, we would all be bestselling authors overnight.

The promise of success in writing is not a guarantee, only a dedication and an application to the principle that governs the practice will give you a return on what you put into it.

3 Exclusive Tips for Writers

  • Practice
  • Practice
  • And more practice

You can learn to write and go to college and obtain a degree. Earning a writing degree does not guarantee you can write. It puts letters behind your name that give you an authority because we respect learning.

The idea that anyone can do anything is true. But you have to make sure you really want to do it and then dedicate yourself to accomplishing what you want to do. Have to and want to are two different kinds of activity.

The call of the writer is deeper than a method or technique.

The best advice is usually the writer’s personal experience. If you want to write read On Writing Well by William Zinsser. He explains the essence of writing from his perspective as a writer, an editor, and an author of seventeen books about writing. This is only one book but this book in particular has over a million readers.

We use the word “tip” because we want a shortcut, a timesaver. When you are a writer there are no shortcuts.

  • Writing encompasses the totality of who you are.
  • Writing is a privilege one never takes for granted.
  • Writing must come from your heart and your head without dollar signs in your eyes.

The Writer Label

  • Journalist
  • Journal writer
  • Writer published author
  • Copywriter
  • Blogger

Writing for the Web

The varieties of content for different avenues of communication have a purpose. We are not used to writing for a purpose to communicate a particular message. The Web makes communication easy through the content management systems we use.

The World Wide Web is a relatively new phenomenon and has only been around for our personal use for twenty-six years. The Web was the brainchild of one man who perceived how people could access information through the Internet without complex code protocol.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee brought the idea of the World Wide Web to the physicists and mathematicians at CERN laboratory in Switzerland in March 1989.

The idea of people having access to information on a private computer did not go over well.

In 1990, Berners-Lee submitted another proposal. This time it was accepted and the concept of the World Wide Web, the space that contains the information we access came into existence.

Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of the Web was “a system in which sharing what you knew or thought should be as easy as learning what someone else knew.” Weaving The Web by Tim Berners-Lee with Mark Fischetti. The Web gained usage through people wanting to access information. The browser was the graphic interface that made it easy to connect to the Internet without knowing computer code.

The Web is a sophisticated tool and requires new skills to negotiate the ever-increasing information highways at Nano-second speed.

The Copywriter

Not many people know what a Copywriter is.

The term Copywriter is often confused with Copyright associated with intellectual property rights. Some think a Copywriter is a writer who copies writing.

Copywriting is associated with promotional or advertising writing. The tone covers communication with businesses and customers.

The context for this writing is through marketing strategies using specific avenues of communication about a company, the people, the products and services offered, and the purpose.

The Web has given us Websites and the opportunity through writing to communicate and do business with people and make connections. We have built a new profession, e-commerce integration, and online business operations.

The Copywriter represents the user and the marketer represents the product. Of course, this is a very simple definition of a Copywriter. For a better one I would suggest reading Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins.

If you delve into the origins of Copywriting you will find eloquent writing going beyond writing advertisements. It is an extensive, in-depth style of writing covering every aspect of interaction between the buyer and the seller in products and services.

Copywriting is going through a revival as people discover how difficult effective communication in writing really is. Copywriting is definitely  beyond tips to “write great content.” Unfortunately, we have implemented too many easy-to-do instructions to save time.

The time it takes to do the writing is irrelevant, what matters is the writing itself. Does the writing convey the communication.

The Web has a new writer.

The New Writer

  • Produces perfect quality writing every day.
  • Increases web traffic 100%.
  • Writes relevant articles that maximizes engagement.
  • Is superhuman and can produce “great content” based on fifty-two things every writer knows to do.
  • Buys into anyone can do it scenario.
  • Generates content no one reads.
  • Artificial Intelligence will produce content at rapid speed.

The True Writer

  • Does not complain about writing and has time to write even at three o’clock in the morning.
  • Will exercise patience and has no illusions about their writing.
  • Believes writing benefits others through the story or information.
  • Serves the craft of writing realizing writing existed long before they did.
  • Understands the different labels of writing and does not go overboard about the definitions.

Writing a Book

There is a book urgently waiting inside you to be born. As the mother of the book, you experience birth pains. You agonize about the platform you will use to publish your book. An e-book is free to publish.  Also easing the birth pain is the money you can make from the book.

If you want to write to make money, take a deep breath and sit down. This is the wrong reason for writing a book.


When you are honest about being a writer, you will do the writing first. You will write the book because you are dedicated to writing it. Not because someone will hold your hand, every step of the way and this is how you will write it. Neither will you need something to motivate you or a template already formatted. 

The tools you choose to use to write should be simple but they won’t write for you.

The book you want to write should have deep significance to you the author. The subject you are writing about has merit and your experience is the authority.

Within the journey of writing you will discover something larger than the prestige of being a published author, you will discover yourself.

Writing is the expression of the inner dialog combined with information to supplement and explain the expression.

Writing is Work

The work to apply what you learn is paramount to anything you do. Nothing is easy, fast, or quicker. Writing is the one task that takes time and patience.

To get the true meaning of the words you have to analyze them in the context of their accepted meaning. The definition, the synonym, the different cultural interpretations of the same word. All these details include the work.

Anytime writing is a have-to-do then you do it half-heartedly. The motivation to apply something you have learned should come because you care enough about the quality you want to produce.

Others cannot intimidate you, and it is no use comparing yourself to the greats of writing. You can only emulate or follow their example.

Writing is a labor of love even though it will stretch you to your limits and show you the glare of life’s mirror.

Writing is Solitary

If you do not like to be alone then you will not spend time writing. The writer’s zone is when you forget about the time, the day, the weather, and you are “inside” the writing. The world is gone for a while and you are absorbed in the details of analysis, expression, and clarification.

Ideas become larger than life and you struggle to express them in words. The words expand and grow and then you must work to trim down the sentence structure to make sense.

A pen and paper, a computer, it does not matter the medium you use. What matters is you write and work at the writing.

Repeatedly you review, edit, revise, and sometimes press the delete button and start all over again.

Writing Creates Vulnerability

What makes you think you can write? What is unique about what you write? Has it not all been written by someone else? For centuries, we have been writing.

The ideas of the finest minds live on through their immortal writings.

Yes, but each person is unique and there is only one of you. Your spirit occupies your body. You cannot compare yourself to others or be like someone else you can only be you and write, if you dare.

Writing Brings Awareness

When you write in earnest, you will find out. You discover the true person you are. This is when you live fully according to what you think and know.

If you are a writer, you live through your writing. Are you a writer?

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