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How To Use Divi Builder Helper

The Divi Theme has a built in help feature in every module. The settings in the module give you the ability to style and position the content onto the web page without having to use HTML code. 


Quickly Build a Website in Divi

It has been said, "procrastination is the thief of time." You've had this idea for your website but it still isn't anywhere near being created. One of the advantages to creating a website is the ability to...


How To Avoid Website Hosting Problems

Install WordPress and activate the Theme. It won't activate because there's insufficient memory for your theme. Now what? You just signed up with this Hosting Company.Websites Have Changed Gone is the template with one or two layout styles, buttons, and tabs. Now...


Does Gutenberg Work With Divi

Yes most definitely. Although some will give you misleading information to get you to purchase a cheap theme on a restricted platform. It's time to find out the truth about the latest WordPress core update. It's old news actually, the update came and went. There's...


Slow Down To Keep Pace

Slowing down to keep pace sounds like a contradiction. We are used to being told to hurry up and catch up, don’t miss this, and the deadline ends today. When you do things quickly and easily you are inclined to miss the details, unless you’re familiar with the...

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Why You Don’t Need a Child Theme

The question will be asked many times. Here is the answer for the DIY person who does not need to know code to use the Divi Theme. The Divi Theme has integrated a method to tidy up the loose code all over the Internet. Code isn't perfect and it doesn't always work...

Divi Theme

How to Use Divi for Blog Posts

As you can see this blog post has a different style from the regular blog layout with text and a right sidebar. There is no way I could achieve this without having to know code. This particular layout is achieved by using a plugin. The plugin I'm using is Divi Blog...

Do It With Divi

Divi Builder

Blog With Divi Using the Divi Builder Ever since the Divi Theme came out in 2013, I have been using it and this is why you see all these articles about Divi. It is the one theme that answered something for me personally. I can arrange the content of a website with...

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The Divi Framework

A framework is the foundation, the building blocks, for something to exist inside the frame. The Divi Framework is the foundation upon which you build the website.

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Download Upload Activate Divi

The do-it-yourself with Divi isn't complicated when you know how. Here are the steps for implementing the Divi Theme. You must be a member of Elegant Themes to use the Divi Theme.  Download Divi From your Elegant Themes member area download the Divi Theme File...

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