The Restlessness

The Restlessness

There will come a time in life when you know many things and have learned much in our saturated world of information overload. All the knowledge seems to lead to an unexplained emptiness, an unfulfilled feeling of still wanting to know; what is the purpose of life and why is it the way it is?

The restless feeling is a symptom of not being able to get in touch with the real you, the person and individual that you are. You go from idea to idea and one perfect solution to the next. Each thing being offered sounds or looks better than the one you saw yesterday. Tomorrow there will be a new one to look at.

Why does the road to finding your passion, your niche, your path lead to so many different passions or niches? This is because it is not the real you and you do not know yourself as you really are.

What ends the restlessness?

Meditation. The simple art and practice of meditation with all its humbleness knowing no level or education or degree or sophistication whatsoever, just the simplicity of contemplation.

If meditation is so simple why are so many people afraid to meditate? The fear of meditating and finding oneself is a superstitious one and usually based on ignorance of what meditation is and how it works. Another problem is that you are afraid to sit in the silence as to what you might discover about yourself.

Our egos are large and we think we we have it all figured out but we don’t. The process of life itself is the journey of learning to function within something called your life. Its puzzle is meant to be figured out by you, who else is going to do it for you. One of the main problems in life is that we do indeed leave someone else to figure things out for ourselves. We place the authority upon someone else to think for us or to tell us what to do.

Obedience to what is expected of us and what we should do creates the restlessness that starts as a vague feeling of dissatisfaction.

Think about these questions

  • Do you find yourself eating a little more than you should?
  • Do you stay up late and watch movies when you should be sleeping?
  • Do you go out with friends and have too much to drink?
  • Do you think I’ll do this tomorrow when I get more time?
  • Are you distracted and unable to concentrate?

These are all signs of the restlessness that you have to take stock of what is going on and begin to think about doing things differently. A simple change in the way you think about something will result in changing your life. It may sound dramatic but it is true that when you implement the simple practice of meditation it starts to get interesting.

No one can convince you of these things until you are willing to try it for yourself. We can watch others do it and speculate about what they do and think but we are on the outside looking in. The only way to find out is to do it for yourself.

The method and practice of meditation will depend on where you go to find instruction about Meditation. The practice itself is so principled you can’t really go wrong in finding a meditation teacher. We are naturally drawn to the right people in our lives to help us along the way. It is no accident when you ‘stumble upon’ a relevant book or meet someone who presents you with exactly what you need at the time you need it.

If you are interested in meditating contact me. I have been meditating for thirty something years and have found it to be the most resourceful of any practice. The inner contemplation has shown me many aspects of myself and I have come to know some things, but there is no end to learning and no mountain top to reach and therefore you now know all there is to know. The journey of knowing the true self changes the view.

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The Labor

The Labor

Do you feel like you are doing time and your life is hard labor? If you do well, it is. We are indeed doing time and have to labor with life in many ways. It is part of the life experience and there is no way out of it until we change our perspective.

Your life should be a labor of love but who loves their life? That is the point, if you find life so difficult it will always be difficult. We have to settle down and figure out the solution.

Life is not a guarantee of happiness filled with dreams of early retirement through the ultimate occupation that brings in the desired amount of money with no work and all pleasure.

Anything worthwhile takes time to do and all things in life require an effort and a skill. The key is to develop at this time is; the skill of the coping mechanism.

Wherever you go and whatever you do in life today you have access to information. With information comes knowledge, the benefit of knowledge is being informed and then the next step is to apply the knowledge. If this is simple to understand then why is it so difficult to do?

How to change the perspective

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The change in perspective must start from a different place, an unexpected place that requires you to think differently. Thinking is automatic we don’t realize how we constantly think and do and feel as the day goes on and all the many things we are doing.

We are on automatic pilot and not living with an intention towards our life, it is somehow taking us along and we are reluctantly laboring through it. Until we find the one thing that we really want to do and let ourselves do it. Not living on dreams or fantasies but on intentional living.

Intentional living brings a different application. You are energized through what you are honest enough to admit you like to do. The artist loves to draw and therefore makes an art piece, the writer writes. Of course   do have to do some things we do not like to do but that is part of the equation. The more you migrate to the real intent and purpose for the labor of your life the more you will find your perspective changing.

This activity brings out a different flair in your personality and puts you in touch with yourself. Something that you need to connect with aside from the electronic connection or attachment to a virtual world.

The real world you are looking for is within you. I have found no other solace in life than the quiet time of inner contemplation when I am perplexed about something that I cannot resolve. All I have to do is meditate.

Meditation is …

The practice of meditation takes various forms. Meditation means to think, to contemplate and ponder. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who still think meditation means make your mind a blank. It is virtually impossible to define meditation it is what you make of it.

Regular time spent in thought contemplation also known as meditation will help you to refine your ideas and eventually leads to the study of a more in-depth pursuit the spiritual nature.  Meditation also crosses the boundary of all religions and is a universal practice. The whole preponderance about life and its meaning will bring us the to search for why we are here, who we are, and what is the purpose if life – this is the labor of life.

I propose the labor of life is an opportunity to participate in life, your life, but from your perspective. The labor of finding yourself is through meditation and introspection, and when you take that time it is a labor of love that leads beyond the ego into the greater Self. When last did you labor in meditation?

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The Meaning of Existence

The Meaning of Existence

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The one who would ponder on the meaning of their existence is one who has arrived at a particular point of wanting to know. We have been debating the meaning of existence in life for a very long time and there is no formula that adequately explains this existence. If you are serious about the pursuit of the meaning of your existence then you begin the journey in the direction of developing your spiritual self, and this is the real self.

Existence is the state of existing.

A way of life, and in the Eastern belief, a person’s successive earthly lives. I always wanted an answer to my urgent question; what is the meaning of my existence. When I discovered existence meant prior occupation in other lifetimes this was quite a leap in thinking for me. I liked the physical form in this life, now there were other lives to think about, existing before. Who knew. This information has only been around for thousands of years but we discover the meaning of our existence when we are ready to find out.

Matters of the soul and spirit are deeper subjects. We have a soul (or spirit) that exists within us or we would not be alive. It is speculated; we are infinitely more than just the person we know as ourselves as being with our given name and identity. I have known my existence in another life and time, other than the one I am in now.

The reason for our existence is not really up to me to define it is up to each of us to understand this for ourselves. We all have our own definition. Jean Paul Satre, the modern French philosopher,  has an interesting statement,”Everything has been figured out except how to live.” This is the whole meaning of our existence we have to find out how to live. Montaigne, the French Essayist, was equally preoccupied about how you should or should not live your life.

The meaning of life is a most pondered question. There is no perfect definition of this meaning because we need to reconcile ourselves with the universal meaning and the ego finds this difficult. For those who want to know in real time, the meaning of your existence will start the entertainment, if you have a sense of humor.




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The thought process of our consciousness is not often seen. A picture of a monk meditating usually shows a serene and blissful look on the monk’s reposed face. The dragon is a mythical creature that appears in antiquity, and survives in modern pop culture. In some cultures the dragon symbolizes the primal force as well as the universal nature, and are said to be wiser than humans. If they are wiser than humans, why do we read about the dramatic deeds of heroic persons, slaying the dragon and triumphing over evil.

The thrilling tales of slaying the strange creatures are about conquering the darker side and getting rid of the lower nature to be free of evil. The history of dragons is very fascinating. The dragon is said to have originated from the crocodile. They both have a scaled body, a long tale and short legs, but the crocodile is not as exciting as a dragon, and does not have wings, or breathe fire.

Inside of us are many errors in the way we think, the superstitions we hold, the myths we believe in. The act of refining our consciousness is to slay the dragons, the negative elements, and replace them with more evolved concepts. When we start to practice meditation and develop our consciousness, initially explained as the mind, we have to experience our innermost thoughts and feelings. The ancient primordial forces of nature within us are awakened, the dragon and the serpent are symbols of unraveling the fire of life within us. This fire, or energy, is our life force. When we focus our attention on this force we have an ability to create great good, and also great evil. Our consciousness becomes refined through meditation, and combined with intelligence allows us to elevate ourselves beyond evil into greater good.