Move Forward in New Ideas

Move Forward in New Ideas

We can reflect too much on unpleasant past events without realizing how this reflection binds us emotionally. We know we must move forward but how? The strength to move forward is in grasping and understanding new ideas. The new is often unfamiliar and we think we cannot obtain such heights within ourselves, yet we can if we would try. This understanding does not come immediately yet neither does it come a long, long time from now. The gates of understanding are suddenly opened, when they are opened by you intentionally.

The old cliches will always be repeated again and again. The new idea is different. If I would say; you are able to do, to be, and to think the way you want to think. If this is so why is there so much resistance to such a simple new idea. I found the answer to this question within me late one night, this night at 2.42 am. Emotions and hurt feelings prevent the acceptance of new ideas. Emotions of this kind must be overridden with the mind.

The mind overrides fear because I choose to think what I really want to think. My mind is focused on the truth, the forgiveness of self for past mistakes, the forgiveness of others in the turbulent interaction in life. All the errors and mistakes fall away into the experience of thinking about the mind and what you are thinking. The mind educates the heart.

This is not a new idea, but when said this way it is easy to understand. The clarity of knowing you are able to do, to be, and to think the way you want to think, sets you free. The mind that thinks of love educates the heart in love. This changes the emotions into love in action.


Tell Me of My Past

Tell Me of My Past

The past will become the present one day as you seek to know. When you read the events recorded in history do you identify with the time, the lifestyle, the place. Did you really live in that time? The scenes of long ago forgotten ideas and points of view. Discussed and revised again and again in ancient texts. If you would know of these things you do come full circle and find yourself reading the ancients wrote about the same subject, their past. They searched for themselves and the meaning of their existence.

Have you stood on the land of your past?

I have stood on the lands I knew that I had been there before. Jerusalem, France, Holland, England, Spain. I have been to Russia in my dreams and have a romantic attachment to Russia. The timeless beauty of ballet, music, art and literature each in its own way makes a for a humble artist with  deep respect and admiration for such passion. There are artists the world over but somehow the Russian depth of expression is refreshing to my soul. My past will flash into the present at the most unexpected times with definite reason. I have come to respect this occurrence rather than to fear it.

The errors of history emerge

I take great delight in the latest discoveries of the errors of history. The Dead Sea Scrolls have been translated and are about to be published, thanks to some dedicated historians and professors who care to reveal the truth. I would know the truth in favor of the lies, wouldn’t you? I hope your answer is yes, if not, then the window of the soul will not open for you until you are ready.

Stories and legends live on in documents and when they are newly discovered it re-writes history. Some do not want that history to be rewritten and fight against the ‘uneducated’ having access to the information. I believe this is not going to happen today, the demand for truth of the information will supersede any kind of concealment. Thus the changing pictures of life will bring a welcome revision from the staleness of archaic thinking.

The Silent and Spoken Reverie

The Silent and Spoken Reverie

The point of expression will come unexpectedly. Almost as if it wells up inside of your being and if you let it, the torrent flows into a silent reverie but spoken with written words. It is no silence, it is the resounding echo of concepts, understanding, and experiences in the strange shifting time and timelessness.

Often I hesitate and keep the words back for fear of what another will think or say. The reality is, no one really sees the words until you show them to another person. How childish it seems to worry what people will think, but we all do this constantly. If we did not we would be the most confident people in the world.

My reality and experiences are often complex to explain. Sometimes I write the complexity in the context of poetry, the expression is more succinct.

I often lie awake at night with concepts that ring in my mind and then unable to sleep I get up and write; this is the silent and spoken reverie.

The Time

I know the flow of time,
before this time, was another time.
In the timeliness of our time,
we know the need for a time.
Eternity is real time,
never in a day, or an hour, or a week.
The times before this time intrudes
unannounced with trumpet flare.
What was the reminder?
The jog in the memory,
the music, the sound, the picture,
they collide into the scope of today,
relevant and real.
Rejoice in the silent and spoken reverie,
words, the entryway to perception,
open into another world of timelessness,
embrace the flow of time.
©2014 Jashryn

Going back and forth in time is quite a surprising experience. The experience opens a window into the past and show me its relevance today. Why is it so prominent? Of what use is it? Its use is relevant and directly affects everything today. You are your past it lives inside of you within the memory of your mind or being. It is you the whole you that comes to be known in time.



The interesting thing about people is there is always someone who is different and interesting to talk to. As long as you can find people with a common interest you can interact and share your experiences. It is a given, like attracts like. These days we are becoming even more specific about who we associate with. The placebo effect of social media is wearing off.

Online connection is incredible but it has to be a pleasant interaction. On this site you do not see the usual connecting tags except to Google+. This is because I am not a fan of social media and have not found the contact meaningful. The Internet is a new playground, technology ads to the ease of our lifestyle if you do not let it take over and control things.

People are our most precious asset on this earth as is the vegetation and the animals that walk the earth as we do. The whole life experience while we are here during this lifetime is a precious experience even though there are the difficulties and often inexplicable ironies. It is all part of the waking process.

The enigma of you and me will always be fascinating. People come together over ideas to create a better life for themselves and for the world. The labels we give people are unfair, we should accept people as they are without judgement.

Who am I?
And who are you?
We are two strangers,
You sum me up before we talk.
I have no judgement of you,
We talk a while,
Then move on with our lives.
I liked you,
Will we connect again?
©2014 Jashryn