Seasons change and bring different landscapes, beautiful and varied. The landscape reflects its movement and mood. Winter will enfold you in its protective coolness, Spring will regenerate you with inspiration, Summer will show you fullness and health, Autumn will remind you of the excitement of moving forward.

Our life is an ever moving landscape and we should welcome change. When we respond to the beauty of nature all around us we become inspired with the possibilities life has to offer. Sometimes it is difficult to look on the positive side of things when life deals you a heavy blow, you lose your job and cannot find another one. At every turn you have to reinvent yourself as the digital world becomes larger and more obvious than it ever was.

Finding an equilibrium in change

How do you find the equilibrium in all this change and movement of ideas? The Ancients figured this out and we should take our cue from their experiences, they sought refuge in timeless knowledge and wisdom that explained the changing landscape of the cycles of life in nature, and in their spiritual growth. The Sages tell of their experiences in seeking the deeper meaning of life and coming to know the Self.

The more I read the more I wanted to experience it for myself. It is indeed true when you begin to explore yourself you are surprised at what you find.

We cannot just declare ourselves at peace and harmony with everyone and everything in the world just because we decide to meditate and reflect on the inner. The landscape within is turbulent and not suddenly a perfect blissful peace. Our tendency is to think it is as easy as we cruise through our modern lifestyle of instant access. Most of us do not have the patience to sit still in silence for longer than five minutes.


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