Do it yourself with Divi is a series of blog posts and tutorials to show you how you can have a website and do it yourself.

The kind of website depends on the specific purpose of the site. The way we can build a site has changed.

The opportunity to build a website yourself with a flexible framework has only recently emerged with the Divi Theme. It is the designer and the developer’s best kept secret. They don’t want you to know how they do their outstanding work.

A website is a vital presence on the web. What kind of website? The answer to this question depends on what kind of website you want.

It takes a special kind of person who wants to do it themselves

There is something different about learning how to use the software from the ground up. Just like you would start with an entry level position to learn how something operates.

The people who reached the top of their profession often started in the mail room of the business they wanted to operate. The knowledge base of how a website operates will set the foundation for the future of your online presence.

Is it possible to do it yourself?

Yes, it is. I say this because this is how I built all my websites, without knowing how to code.

The process depends on the kind of theme used. The theme is the Divi Theme produced by Elegant Themes. At first glance the websites built by this theme looks simple and easy. This is not true.

A website crafted for a specific purpose requires a team of designers and developers to build out a website.

You might be asking why then would you want to do it yourself?

The end result of the Divi Theme is a theme operating system, a framework, and this lets you build the site yourself.

You’re using the Divi Framework with all the built in features. Everything you need is contained within the theme, the tutorials and short videos take you inside the Divi Theme and show you how it works.

As someone who is a DIY (do it yourself) person, I found the Divi Theme an exciting challenge. The presentation of the modules and how they work makes sense.

Divi was designed by a designer, someone who uses the theme each day and  knows how repetitive some tasks can be when you’re working on a website. A website is not something you can set it up and then leave it to look after itself.

Trends change. What was in style last year is discarded for another style. How we present information is constantly changing.

Technology pushes change, and a website needs maintenance.

The maintenance you want is a one click update for the Divi theme and WordPress core software.

All these things are possible if you know how to do it yourself, and most important, you want to do it yourself.

Why does the Divi Framework work so well?

Because it’s designed by people who undertand how the software works. The Framework exists for you to own and operate a publishing platform. A website.

The Do It Yourself With Divi Series is to help you achieve what you want, a website.

No bells and whistles or complex design. Just the plain and simple. The thing does what was intended for it to do, and does not over extended into a technical entanglement which takes too much money to untangle.

When it’s that simple no one believes it’s possible.

This only means that someone has explained the complex with simplicity. Breaking down the components of how a website works gives you the control, not someone else.

Integrated Learning While You Work in Divi

Unheard of. Impossible. It’s never been done. Now it has. As you use the modules you’ll find a technology partner right next to you in the instructional video.

There is a human being behind the creation of any software you might use, even though we are now introduced to artificial intelligence as an “assistant.”

The reality of this is; there will never be an end to the need of one human being helping another. No matter how sophisticated artificual intelligence becomes, it cannot replace human interaction.

The DIY instruction, the video tutorial is going to be made by a human with a presonality, otherwise we will loose interest. You can already listen to an electronic voice instructional video on YouTube. I’ve fallen asleep during those kinds of videos and don’t waste time watching them.

The DIY series of articles and tutorials are an introduction to using the Divi Theme.

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Do It Yourself With Divi

Do it yourself with Divi is a series of blog posts and tutorials to show you how you can have a website and do it yourself. The kind of website depends on the specific purpose of the site. The way we can build a site has changed. The opportunity to build a website...

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