The do-it-yourself with Divi isn’t complicated when you know how. Here are the steps for implementing the Divi Theme. You must be a member of Elegant Themes to use the Divi Theme.

Download Divi

  • From your Elegant Themes member area download the Divi Theme File
  • Download the .zip file to your desktop.
  • Do not open the file.
  • Go to your website which has the WordPress core software installed.

You cannot upload Divi to you must have your own domain and an account with a web host. If you haven’t found a Web Hosting Company, read about Website Hosting and what you should know.

I have two recommendations:

  1. Go with a hosting company that does not limit the memory space your website needs
  2. Never buy cheap hosting services. You get what you pay for.

The Divi Theme requires PHP 7.0 +. This is higher than PHP 5.6. Some hosting companies limit the memory space because it is cheaper for them.

The DIY person knows better. You are loading a Premium WordPress Theme and this requires more memory. A web host that limits access and charges for more memory is not what you want in a web hosting company.

Inside the Dashboard menu locate Appearance. Hover your mouse over Appearance and a menu will popup. Select Themes Do it yourself with Divi You will see the current installed Theme which might be the default WordPress Theme.

If you have another Theme installed and you are now wanting to switch over to the Divi Theme, you shouldn’t just leave the previous theme and then install Divi. One thing you will find, themes don’t work seamlessly with each other.

If you’re not running a current theme then you will most probably find the default WordPress Theme, active in the Theme area.

Do it yourself with Divi

The Twenty Seventeen theme is active. Click on Add New and the button will change to Upload theme.

The DIY person is never in a hurry, if you follow the steps you’ll do it the right way and not have to undo it and get into technology tangles.

Now you’re ready to upload the .zip Divi File you downloaded from your member’s area. This .zip folder will be on your desktop or in your downloads folder.

Do it yourself with Divi

Click on Choose file, find the file and upload it.

Click on Install Now and the Divi Theme will install. Stay in the Appearance section and this is what you will see.

Do it yourself with Divi The Divi Theme is active!


Locate Divi in the Dashboard Menu.

Do it yourself with Divi


There are many elements that go into building a website. If you need help building your website contact me

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