How do we come to see elegance, the beauty in life? Through our own eyes. Or are we blinded by the tragedies and issues and our failures. Can we learn to see that life will have its ups and downs and we will eventually emerge from these down times much better people.

Look around you and see the new formulas for success based on the true principles of those gone before us. Yet we see a new glimmer of hope for the future, people helping other people. Giving of themselves. Sharing and caring that is a new model, a new paradigm of real growth. When another really cares and it shows. When a company cares about its customers. Or when a service is provided because the person loves to give that service.

Elegance In Action

This is true service. With this action there is an elegance, a return to the simplicity of life in its unadorned grace. The momentary reflection on nature’s beauty is also within us. We just have to take the time to forgive ourselves for the past and know that we are whole and healed in the present as we move on in life to better things.

Each one of us will fall, no matter how great we think we are. And this is part of the life of our experiences on this earth plane. When you embrace the learning this is when there is real progress.

The comforting aspect of this is, you are not alone, others are also going through their failures. It takes one to know one. But always there is a silver lining in a dark cloud.

Find those who you resonate with. Don’t go it alone. Be in the company of like minded people. Join a group, come together and make a difference.

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