Do you have this dis-ease? It is most uncomfortable and it is beginning to spread rapidly. In fact it might reach pandemic proportions. This is not an exaggeration it is an observation. Excuse-itus exists everywhere if you listen to what people say.

How to tell if you have excuse-itus dis-ease

  1. You are very polished at inventing excuses
  2. The excuse you invent is believable
  3. You say you want to do it but that never translates into doing it
  4. You find the time to do everything you want to do without any excuses

If you do any one of these things you have excuse-itus. It is a fatal dis-ease. There is no medication for this condition. The only thing you can do is admit you are very good at inventing excuses and this prevents you from doing what you really want to do.

Yes or No

Is the remedy for the dis-ease. Do you want to do it, yes or no? When there is a more honest approach we invent less excuses. If we have to keep up appearances and worry what others think, we just continue to invent excuses. The more excuses you invent, the more you become known as someone who says they want to do something, but doesn’t do it.

When we want to do something we should be clear on what we want to do. Our intentions are good and we may not want to disappoint someone, but actually we are not being truthful about the whole subject whatever it is.  Here is one example. Many say they want to meditate regularly. They will adamantly tell you how serious they are about the whole subject. But when it comes to implementing meditation and actually doing it, every excuse is invented, this is excuse-itus – do you have it?

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