This exploration is fascinating contrary to the often repeated idea this is a selfish pursuit.  To come to know the self is actually the beginning of true service to others. How do you begin to find the self? The answer is simple, love yourself. If the answer is so simple why do so few implement love of self? In our world there is too much negation and not enough love. The negative side of our nature is too prominent. It is easy to destroy rather than to build. It is easier to dislike than it is to love. It is easier to make a list of all the negative things about ourselves rather than the positive. If you are too positive about yourself some think this is narcissistic behavior.

Is your outlook on life negative or positive?

Are you focused always on the downfall of something. Are you afraid of failing? If you answer yes to any of these questions it is time to take a closer look at yourself, that is if you are interested in wanting to find the real self. There is a part of ourselves that lurks within us, a shadow self. This is not someone or something else separate from us, it is a part of ourselves we created. This aspect of ourselves is used to negating, or being negative.

What is this negation?

It is the opposing side of the positive aspect of ourselves. This positive and negative exists within us. We can focus on either one at any time. If we are pessimistic in our outlook we will reject the notion of loving ourselves altogether. A barrier is erected against love, a resistance and we lurk in our shadow selves. This can result in depression or moodiness. If the depression and negation of self persists for a prolonged period of time, find a friend and begin to talk about the problem. If a friend cannot help you then find the assistance of someone who can. Do not isolate yourself with your shadows.

What is it that finally makes the shadows melt away? The strength generated by the simple act of loving the self. As this love for self builds within you the ability to love others is easier. Life will take on a different meaning. Do yourself a favor, find your real self through self love.

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