Can you be true to who and what you really are?

Can you follow your path and clearly identify this path? This path is the footsteps of your life. Where you have been and gone and will come again. It is the journey of this life experience, value it, savor it, experience it. Each day is an opportunity to live and learn. There is no wasted time or nothing to do, or read in our exciting digital world.

There is no shortage of books and ideas to ruminate about. How do you find the truth of it all? One way is to find the origin, the actual source of information. Never be too busy to find the source of information. Take time to absorb the details otherwise the result is often misinformation.

Follow your path

Whose path is the correct one? Whose path is true? Ultimately there is no one truth that is more true than another truth. So where do you find the deeper meaning, the essence? History reflects events written by the victorious. As you read of these events, do you see yourself? Have you wondered about those times and how life was lived then? Why is it that you now walk on this earth,in this time?

Truth cannot be not found in the archaeological discoveries that will always rewrite history.  If you follow your path, you will know truth is found in the exchange of ideas and opinions, as well as in reflection and contemplation. On this path to find truth there will be others. You will not ever walk a true path alone, you will always find those of like mind. And this is how you follow your path.

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