As long as you live in hope, the word hopefully crops up in your vocabulary. Hopefully, you will get this done and then things will come right on their own. At least you hope they will. Hope eventually leads to resentment for the way things are, but hopefully this will change.

Nothing will change, unless you move into an optimism that induces action. Putting things into motion is too much like work. The dreamers hope, the optimists achieve. An optimist is someone who is willing to push the optimum with focus. When you focus you pay particular attention to something. Your life for instance, the activities you participate in are meaningful and filled with purpose. If you resent your current activities and do not redirect your focus, you drift through life without direction.

We can go through life resenting our experience because we are not doing what we really want to do, or we cannot reconcile our time to do the things which we say have meaning to us but never seem to get around to actually doing anything. The resentment will build into distractions instead of focus.

The argument rages on within as you dismiss the work to apply yourself to focusing with optimism. Time marches on without your finishing what you came here to do. What was the reason for this incarnation? You carefully planned out this life experience with all its drama and issues so that you could learn and move on in the cycle of the evolution of your soul. It is interesting that animals have no trouble instinctively moving on to their next cycle, humans are less instinctual, and do not understand the significance of the  ‘cosmic push’ into new cycles of learning. The human forgets to focus and lives on hope, hope is wishful thinking.

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