How To Avoid Website Hosting Problems

By Joan | Sep 9, 2019 | Blog

Install WordPress and activate the Theme.

It won’t activate because there’s insufficient memory for your theme. Now what? You just signed up with this Hosting Company.

Websites Have Changed

Gone is the template with one or two layout styles, buttons, and tabs. Now we look at beautifully designed web pages with artwork and style.  The WordPress software allows for a smooth interface, inline editing, video streaming, libraries, data intensive content, and adding specific functions with WordPress plugins. All this activity in a website increases the need for memory.

A Hosting Company should provide sufficient memory for your website. If they don’t, they’re not a good Hosting Company and it’s time to leave them even if you just signed up. You can exit and get a full refund.

If you contact the Hosting Company you’re with and they want more money to upgrade the memory for your website, you’re with the wrong Hosting Company. Even if your website is only a few pages it still has to have sufficient memory for the site to operate.

When deciding on a Hosting Company go directly to their website and take a look at what they offer.  Most of them offer a lower monthly introduction rate if you sign up for two or three years in advance. After the sign up period the monthly rate will go up.

What kind of technical support do they have? Something will go wrong with your website at some point, that’s how technology is. It doesn’t always work the way it is supposed to. Web software has bugs in it, there will be updates, security patches, error logs. It’s all part of the equation with a website. With a Hosting Company you want to know there is tech support twenty-four seven, in other words, when you need it, any time, even at two in the morning.

Is This The Right Deal?

Read the pricing tables carefully. A low introductory rate for a two or three year period isn’t bad. In fact, it’s to your advantage. What is the monthly rate after the introductory period? We tend to remember the low introductory rate. Wow, the hosting fee per month is only $3.95! And this figure stays in your mind as the cost of hosting.

Do the math, multiply the monthly rate by twelve before you sign up. We know this, but we often don’t calculate the cost and get sticker shock for renewal. An introductory rate means after the initial period the fee goes up to the regular price per month.

Don’t Do Free Web Hosting

Why? It’s cheap. No it’s expensive as you’ll find after signing up for the free hosting. You’ll have adds on your website that you can’t remove without upgrading. You’ll have limited tech support, if any. You have to rely on community support. When it comes to a website you need a better strategy.

Websites have a back end and a front end. The back end is the database that holds all the files in the website. The front end is where you’ll be working and putting in the content into the site.

If You Already Have a Domain

This domain exists with the Domain Registrar when you purchased the Domain.

If you decide to change the hosting company you will have to go through the DNS (domain name servers) transfer protocol as the owner of the domain. The DNS tranfer protocol has built in protection so someone doesn’t transfer your domain somewhere else without your permission.

Domain Logistics

What is the name of your website? The Domain Name you choose needs to be descriptive so someone knows what it is by looking at the domain.

A hosting company is a Domain Registrar, which means you can register your domain with them. When you sign up for Web Hosting everything happens fast, they want your business. Before you know it you have registered your domain, and have a name for your website.

Take Ownership of Tech Information

Your website will have a lot of details that you didn’t know about initially. Technology isn’t that complicated. All you have to do is press the buttons and read the tool tip prompts as you work in the website.

You Get What You Pay For

How much is too much and how much is too little?

Cheap is a temporary fix to our not wanting to part with money. It’s wise not to want to part with money, but not wise to want quality service for less.

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