The real truth about meditation is that meditation is not as easy as it looks. There are no simple steps, quick learning tips or special techniques. This is a very different kind of exploration. The practice of meditation is one of the oldest practices known. For the modern mind in a modern world begin with an intellectual approach and then to the actual process of meditating.

The current definition of meditation implies emptying the mind of thoughts.  This is not possible the mind cannot be blank. Our thoughts are continuous. Meditation eventually brings the ability to control the thought processes into a more in-depth knowledge of oneself. Why would we want to know ourselves in-depth? If we follow the example of the Ancients, they came to know in inner tranquility as well as an advanced awareness.

Why would we need to find ourselves in the first place?

The desire to know more and to interact with something other than the material world will drive the exploration of the inner. It is different for each person as they come to the art of meditation, there is no perfect method that fits all.

The first attempts at meditation will be frustrating, two things will happen:

  1. You close your eyes and begin to meditate and a minute later you fall asleep
  2. You think about everything else you should be doing and wonder why you are meditating

The lifestyle we live today is very active. Technology occupies us with constant information this causes us not to want to slow things down. Doing nothing with your eyes closed is a foreign activity. The mind jumps from subject to subject, frustration builds and, well, meditation doesn’t work. Now what?

The next step, don’t sit with your eyes closed hoping to meditate, find a meditation class and meditate with others. In every form of learning there must be an instructor, one to learn from. Meditating with others in a class environment is very beneficial.

There are many methods of meditation, it is a matter of finding the right method for you. this comes with trial and error and perseverance. Having meditated for thirty something years my experience has been profound and still is. Teaching meditation classes is a new paradigm. Meditation for the modern mind is a real time paradigm experience.

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