When someone does what you thought about doing, but didn’t know how, you say a prayer of thanks and implement their good work. The software we use daily keeps on improving. We’re fortunate there are so many developers emerging that love what they do, and it shows in the products. The ability to use Plugins is one of the excellent features of the WordPress software. You can add the function to your website by installing a plugin from the WordPress Repository on WordPress.org, or you can purchase a Plugin from a developer and upload a .zip file from the Plugins Dashboard.

This blog post has a different layout.

I am using a plugin that allows me to style a single Blog post. Some say you shouldn’t use the Divi Builder because it interferes with the SEO. This hasn’t been proved. The reality is the search engine reads the content on the page. The module is a placeholder for the content. The search engine doesn’t know the difference, it just reads the content.

Too many people have too much to say about what you must and musn’t do when you create content. The volume of content produced is overwhelming and the truth is no one reads it all. It just makes you feel good because you’re creating the content. Is it relevant content? Or the word is it has to be “great content.”

Made for Divi

The point of all this is simple. I can do what I need to do with my blog post because I can use the plugin specifically made for Divi. The Plugin issues are starting to be addressed. The back end of WordPress is changing and developers have to keep pace. The front end users are delighted because they get to use the Plugin made for Divi without having to know how to code.

The shift is happening in technology. The news it out, the consumer does want to do it for themselves without costly fees. The way we interact online is constantly changing. It is necessary to have a basic understanding of what you’re getting into when you manage a website. Whether you are a small business, a single person, the problem is the same. Without the basic knowledge you can and will be vulnerable.

When someone gives you advice, you want to know what they are talking about. You don’t want them to tell you something is necessary when you don’t need this expensive feature.

The day will come when your business or service does need to go to the next level, that is the time you upgrade and seek professional advice from someone in the industry that doesn’t make empty promises. They can help you based on their experience because they have been successful and what you are wanting to implement.

The Selling of Success

It is empty. No one can guarantee you anything, not even with a trial and your money back guarantee. In fact, the money back guarantee is the warning sign. You don’t need someone to guarantee your success. Only you can based on your efforts. Unfortunately, we have been led to believe it’s quick and easy. It isn’t. Managing a WordPress website has a definite learning curve.

Success isn’t for sale, it is achieved.  

The User of Divi

The developer creates the Divi Framework using the HTML code written in conjunction with the WordPress core HTML code. The designer conceptualizes the Modules that are able to be used with the Divi Framework. The Divi Library Layout Packs contain the designs available for use. The user takes the Divi Framework and operates the built in features to achieve the success of building a website. The entire team work of the developer, the designer, and the user, creates the Divi Theme and each person uses it in their own unique way.


The Visual Builder

This is an image of the Visual Builder used to write the content of this Blog Post. As you write the content you can see your edits on the page next to you.

The layout structure shows you the column widths and you can conceptualize how you want the content to look on the page. Each of the sections are clearly visible as you hover over the setting. Now you can focus on the content and not the frustration with not knowing how something works.

Of course there are other details to take care of when you write a blog post. Some settings for the Blog post can only be done in the back end of this Blog post. This is the way Divi works with the WordPress software. The point of this is to demonstrate how possible using the Divi Theme is, and why it gives you the control you’ve always wanted to have.

No code was used to write the content. All the code works in the background. The Visual Builder gives you the ability to create an interesting Blog Page.

Update and Improvements

Coming soon is a new way to improve on the already excellent existing backend builder combined with the visual builder.

You can read more about it here.

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