The world of the online content that spills out onto the pages is most fascinating. It affords real time personal expression and contemplation a meditation of sorts if you will. The art of reflection in writing, the sharing of ideas and the learning that comes is surprising. What are you looking for? In the real time paradigm of change comes a unique perspective of life and its experience.

Their Books

The ideas of the great writers live on in their books we read time and again. Their ideas are alive, as if they were not dead but live in another dimension. Have you ever wondered where they are? The great scientists and thinkers of their time whose work and contribution made such a difference in the world of ideas and interaction.

We should come to develop a reverence for the ideas of the great thinkers of the past. Their writings give us reflection and knowledge. How fortunate we are today, to not live in fear of being able to read and share ideas in books, on the Internet and now on the tablet and smart phone.

It is a matter of knowing and being able to bring to the table what you know and how you know through your heartfelt experience. If I tell you of my interesting experiences, perhaps you will begin to remember many things also from your own reference. For are we not all a mirror to each other of our own experiences? We are. More to come as the adventure begins to write of the inner world and its constant reflection.

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