The thoughtfulness of a bird seems to point to the idea that the bird is actually thinking. Not really as it is a different life form than a human. Animals have an instinct as we do, theirs is more primitive and ours is undeveloped, unless we know of this instinct. Obviously our intellect separates us from the animals.  Our thoughts and instincts are two reactions that we deal with constantly. When the instinctual element is developed we could call it intuition.

Thinking is automatic right?

No actually it is based on our consciousness and our ability to use all our faculties of reasoning and this is not only our mind, it is also our emotions and feelings. We are a complex make up of actions and reactions. As we look at the world through our eyes we register and what we see through the different elements of our sight, smell, taste and hearing. We know these things but do we stop and think of the implications of our thoughts and how they affect us. If we were to become aware of how we think, and how our thoughts affect us, we would think positively for the rest of our life experience.

The way we think of ourselves has a lot to say in how we live.  Not all things though can be as a result of just mere thinking. Other circumstances will play a part in our life, where we were born, the kind of family we grew up in, the ideas we come to believe. All of this goes into the mix of who and what we are. The process of self discovery is revealing, not many want to explore the inner to find the real self. Some say this is too selfish an endeavor. It is necessary to find yourself first and then you can be of assistance to others.

The instinct we have within us is a very real factor in what we do. All my life I have been aware of an intuition that has propelled me with a knowing that was difficult to explain. Over the years this has increased as I pursue the exploration of the inner and the more advanced states of consciousness through meditation. I am one who wants to know and experience it for myself. I read of the states of awareness and spiritual insight gained through meditation. I stood before the ideals they wrote of in awe. It is their experience that inspired me to begin my journey.


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