When life becomes pressured and intense we can actually relax. How can intensity mean relax? The intensity is necessary, and serves to enlarge the picture. The reason for the intensity, as esoteric as it sounds, is simple, to get your attention to change something about yourself.

The intensity produces pressure and this causes an emotional response. Intensity does not let up until I pay attention to the larger than life emotions that overwhelm me. If I drown in the emotion I am lost and lose the battle. If I face the emotion and deal with it, I figure it out. The best part about this experience of intensity is, finding a real  solution.

Our experiences are different but we all experience intensity at some time in our lives, and lately the psychic atmosphere has been intense since February. Initially, it is easy to ignore the intensity. Then the intensity returns at a greater volume. Each time the pressure will get more intense until you deal with the problem and issue you are confronted with on an emotional level beyond the intellectual.

The psychic atmosphere shows intensity because it is time for greater change. You cannot be left behind as we move into the different Age, the age of Aquarius. When you change the world changes. Make a difference in the world, get involved with a new idea Meditate for World Peace.

Celebrate Intensity

The moral of this story, celebrate the confrontation with the intensity this is the gateway to your solution. I found the answer to dealing with the intense atmosphere. Tidy up your subconscious mind as fast as you can.

We know about this in theory, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, but what about the actual implementation of the truth of why we say one thing and do another, and why the intensity exists and increases. I believe this is the answer to the intensity, you start to deal with the real truth about yourself.

If you have the book on your bookshelf already, great, read it again. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. This is a brilliant book! My heartfelt thanks to Zhanna for recommending it to me and pointing out its value.

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