Chicago is in the news lately but not for anything good. Violence and more violence. What a reputation to have when there is so much potential and possibility within such a beautiful city. People drown their sorrows in alcohol, have a negative outlook on everything and everyone. Too expensive, too many taxes, no end in sight to the violence. What happened to the city of Chicago? Some say it is no good to live in the City and move out of it. The strange thing about Chicago is its individuality as well as its intimidation.

What will make the city of Chicago a different place?

Change the way you look at the city. It is a city of firsts, a city of innovators, people who set the pace and stepped up to make a difference. The pulse beat of Chicago will empower you to do more, to give back to your community,  lift another mind with a helping hand or new idea.

Chicago is  a teeming city of diversity. Did you know that Albany Park is the most diverse neighborhood in the United States. Every neighborhood is diverse. We are all different but it is time to acknowledge the information age has leveled the playing field. There is a better way to live life and it is not by destroying, it is through building the worth of an individual first no matter where they live.

At times I can feel the energy of the city of Chicago moving through me. This is soothing as well as intimidating. I have lived in Chicago since 2000 but have been flawed by the emptiness and apathy, and on the other hand, I am often inspired by the potential. The only thing I do not like about Chicago is the division of which Side you live in, and what is your status.

City life depends on how you view what you do with your life. Our experience is shaped though by how we think about things. If you think that the city is the place to be, it will yield to you excitement and you will find others just like you.

If you think the city is not the place for you but you have nowhere to go, then what to do? Make the most of things, meetup with us in Chicago. Within the concrete jungle there is room for something creative and fun to do.

Chicago is known also for its many different types of gourmet restaurants. If you visited a different restaurant every day for 365 days within a whole year, you still would not have eaten at all the restaurants in Chicago.

Wherever your footsteps take you in this journey of life, you will always have the weather factor.  Even perfect, paradise weather will not solve any issues within the intensity of life. We have to accept the four seasons of Nature, in this acceptance is appreciation for the air we breathe, the place we live in, and the intrinsic value we have for our life experience.


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