Meditate for World Peace

An idea whose time has come

World peace begins with you

Why are we so obsessed with the outer and fail to look after our inner?

Is this not why we live in so much chaos and violence?

“There never was a war when there was love.” Jashryn

The Movement of an idea

The idea that one day we would have peace on earth is plausible. We all care about the world we live in. The key to world peace begins with you finding peace within yourself first. This is accomplished through meditation and contemplation beyond a Yoga class. If enough people were to meditate and find peace within, we would have a better today and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. One person can make a difference.

Meditation is the gateway to spiritual development.

What we do not do

Create an online community and then get together one day in a given year and all meditate at the same time and then there will suddenly be world peace.

What we do want to do

Connect with people of like mind who are interested in wanting to meditate. Discuss ideas about how to become active in your community to Meditate for World Peace. Meditation is an ancient practice. The skeptics and the cynics underestimate the benefits of meditation.


Interested in learning to meditate?

Contact Me for class time and details.

Meditate for World Peace

In the heart of Chicago in real time. face-to-face we meet regularly to mediate. Through meditation and reflection comes the peace you seek. There are solutions and answers. There is a way to discover peace within you. When you find your inner peace, you are then able to reach out to help others, and one day World Peace will take form.

Is this peace possible?
Are the spiritual experiences we read, or hear about, true?
Can you really develop the spiritual gifts you have?

Yes, a thousand times yes, but you must be genuinely seeking and want to know the real, and the true, otherwise it fails.