A lofty idea yes, who in their right mind dreams of a world at peace. I do and I am bold enough to say so. Recently I wrote a poem with a profound line in it; “There never was a war when there was love.” That phrase resonated into the vision of world peace. As I thought more about this idea to Meditate for World Peace, I came to the conclusion there must be more people who want peace rather than war. Surely this is true. Please tell me it is. I cannot imagine how people can want nothing but violence and revenge.

Why are we constantly ‘at war’ with everything? We use the language of war. It is breaking news to read of the war between the big name industries like Google, Apple and Microsoft etc. I marvel at how many people have the ‘inside’ view of what these big industries do or do not do. They are at war, fighting constantly, not healthy competition, but outright war. What about the violent video games that children play, and then they act out the part when they grow up.

How will there be peace on earth?

The idea seems so far away and yet so near. The peace we seek actually begins with us first, our personal journey. The restlessness and warring nature within you is alive and well and looking for a fight with someone. We live in an a world of extremes and opposites, we either love or hate, have peace or make war. The choice of war or peace is a simple one. You have to want to find peace within. Aren’t you tired of the war, the fighting in your family, the problems and the issues, illness, pain, tragedy, misery, unhappiness. Isn’t there a better solution?

The first time you decide you are going to find peace within, you sit down for five minutes and attempt to meditate. After a while, maybe a minute or two, you figure out there is nothing happening and you ought to be doing something more productive. And that is the end of your meditation for peace. There is no way you will find any kind of peace unless you take a different approach.

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Peace Begins With You.

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