The practice of meditation is not as easy as it looks. Two images come to mind, when we think of meditation, the lotus flower, and the serene Buddha with closed eyes. The Lotus flower is a symbol of serenity and perfection.  We admire the beauty of the lotus in its perfected form, but we should understand that it rises to the top of the lake through the struggle in the darkness of the mud. How does the lotus flower know to push its way to the top of the lake and to open in the sunlight. Is it instinct even in a flower that pushes its way towards the light?

We can look at the images of the serene Buddha in meditation. Before there can be inner peace there is turmoil within. Each and every person has to go through their inner turmoil to come know peace. This is not easy to do and takes a great deal of time and patience, something we do not seem to have these days. In the busy pace of life, which will not slow down any time soon, it will become necessary to find your inner equilibrium. This is a coping mechanism as we move into the present time we live in. It is not possible to ignore the changes going on all around us.

Why is there such a change? We are in a different age with a much wider and broader perspective of life than we have known in past ages. this requires adaptation and adjustment. There is nothing to give up as the aesthetic did, it is possible to find your inner peace and equilibrium, right in the heart of the big city, or wherever you live. A quiet, serene surrounding does not always bring an inner tranquility.

My quest has always been to find the inner peace within. I began meditating many years ago and have found a measure of peace and inner strength, and have had many realizations. This is nothing monumental, we all can have these realizations and experiences if we decide to meditate. the key is we need to decide that meditation is something we want to explore and study. Two years ago I began conducting a meditation class as some friends were interested to find out more about the experience of meditation. We are still meditating and enjoying the exploration. If you are interested in meditating get it touch and connect.


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