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Self awareness

Art of Blogging

The art of blogging shapes the craft of writing for the writer. The humble web log is a tool of communication.

Let us never take for granted the written word, so easy to produce in printed form. Words are powerful.

The shifting time we live in changes the landscape in real time, now, today.

The Restlessness

There will come a time in life when you know many things and have learned much in our saturated world of information overload. All the knowledge seems to lead to an unexplained emptiness, an unfulfilled feeling of still wanting to know; what is the purpose of life and...

The Labor

Do you feel like you are doing time and your life is hard labor? If you do well, it is. We are indeed doing time and have to labor with life in many ways. It is part of the life experience and there is no way out of it until we change our perspective. Your life should...