Self awareness

Art of Blogging

The art of blogging shapes the craft of writing for the writer. The humble web log is a tool of communication.

Let us never take for granted the written word, so easy to produce in printed form. Words are powerful.

The shifting time we live in changes the landscape in real time, now, today.

The Meaning of Existence

Photo Credit: DJ The one who would ponder on the meaning of their existence is one who has arrived at a particular point of wanting to know. We have been debating the meaning of existence in life for a very long time and there is no formula that adequately explains...


Artist: F. J. Monroy The thought process of our consciousness is not often seen. A picture of a monk meditating usually shows a serene and blissful look on the monk's reposed face. The dragon is a mythical creature that appears in antiquity, and survives in modern pop...