Through the online community of Meetup we can meet offline in real time. Did you know Meetup was organized in answer to the need for people to come together to help each other over difficult times? In fact it was because of the September 11, tragedy the idea of the meetup group was formed.  Today is the anniversary of September 11. There are now Meetup Groups all over the world including ours.

How fortunate can we be in our lives today to have this opportunity? Let us not ever take it for granted, the joy of meeting others to be together in a free society as we choose. To comfort and hold each other up in times of trouble. Or to come together to support each other in like minded endeavors. Or to come together simply to enjoy ourselves.  This is how we make a difference in the world. No matter what we choose to meetup about.

A New Adventure

A real time bold exploration of coming together with like minded people, face to face, person to person. The virtual contact is great, but there is no comparison when we exchange ideas and get together in person.

  • We would be inspired to become as students and learn for the simple joy of learning.
  • We would pursue the origin of the subject no matter where it may lead.
  • We are adventurous in our exploration and not afraid to learn new things.
  • We are not afraid to find out we don’t know something

This interaction is the market place of ideas existing in a real time paradigm, merging into a new model of spiritual development. As we develop our spiritual nature, life becomes bearable.

Meetup with us


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