We can reflect too much on unpleasant past events without realizing how this reflection binds us emotionally. We know we must move forward but how? The strength to move forward is in grasping and understanding new ideas. The new is often unfamiliar and we think we cannot obtain such heights within ourselves, yet we can if we would try. This understanding does not come immediately yet neither does it come a long, long time from now. The gates of understanding are suddenly opened, when they are opened by you intentionally.

The old cliches will always be repeated again and again. The new idea is different. If I would say; you are able to do, to be, and to think the way you want to think. If this is so why is there so much resistance to such a simple new idea. I found the answer to this question within me late one night, this night at 2.42 am. Emotions and hurt feelings prevent the acceptance of new ideas. Emotions of this kind must be overridden with the mind.

The mind overrides fear because I choose to think what I really want to think. My mind is focused on the truth, the forgiveness of self for past mistakes, the forgiveness of others in the turbulent interaction in life. All the errors and mistakes fall away into the experience of thinking about the mind and what you are thinking. The mind educates the heart.

This is not a new idea, but when said this way it is easy to understand. The clarity of knowing you are able to do, to be, and to think the way you want to think, sets you free. The mind that thinks of love educates the heart in love. This changes the emotions into love in action.


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