Why are things spinning out of control as if they are against the stream of common sense, goodness, kindness and love in action? Is this something we have forgotten how to do? Do we simply not respect anything in life anymore? I cannot believe this negative outlook is how it is and how it will be and it will not ever be different. I believe this chaos affects us and we actually begin to adopt the same strange behavior even when we know it is not the way to be, and do, and think.

The news these days is a constant reflection of turmoil and discontent everywhere in the world and in your neighborhood. Technology brings instant news. We have come to respect technology and find it fascinating. The constant tragic breaking news brings an anxiety, which is part of our response to the constant negatives we experience, especially if we experience this over a prolonged period. Very few of us walk in bliss and happiness through our days of existence. Life on earth is puzzling and complex, and surely, there are solutions to these issues.

The beginning solution to chaos

A wise sage once said, “Out of chaos comes order.”

The order that comes does not come instantly. Our disposition, attitudes, and emotions have caused the disturbance for a length of time creating chaos. I propose the solution to chaos is; define what chaos is, and what order is.

We are already beginning to address this question of chaos. Most of us have had enough of ‘bad behavior’ from attention-getting people who cause tragedy. Ceasefires and safe neighborhood protests bring people together to protect their community.

My criticism is the press who reward bad behavior and elevate it as if doing what is right is boring and doing what is wrong gets attention. No wonder children respond to the message they see it all the time, the super-heroes in the games they play are violent. Whoever heard of a game that helps a kid think of a different solution other than annihilating the enemy and blowing them up? This does not only apply to kids, adults play violent games as well.

When the kid grows up to be a model child, and then suddenly kills themselves as well as their classmates. Is this okay? Two men start a company together and the partner who is now the CEO, demotes his one-time partner from his position. The one demoted is a ‘nice’ person, and borrows a gun and shoots his partner and then himself. In my mind, there is something wrong with this picture.

When we know what chaos is we know we do not want it in our lives. The cause of chaos is out of control emotions, feelings, pain, hurt, suffering, all those things we think no one is feeling because they are a ‘nice’ person.

The symptom of chaotic behavior is the inability to reconcile grief or gross injustice. Yet I would not proclaim we ignore gross injustice at all. How we respond to the chaos is how we are able to bring order, first into our lives, and then into the lives of others.

My Questions

Why have we neglected the freedoms we have in this country, the United States?
Why are people so negative in general?
Why are parents clueless on how to bring up a child?
Why does the press glorify the criminal and their actions?
Why are movies so full of violence and blood?
Why does a secretary have to have a Bachelor’s Degree?
Why are seniors treated like children?

Put your mind in order

The balance of our emotions is a tricky element to deal with. We react first and then think about our reaction. To achieve order out of chaos, my theory is; the definition of order must override the chaos within. In my personal experience, I have studied the teachings of the wiser Teachers. Their definition of order is entirely different from what I am experiencing. The current events happening all around the world are affecting me, I cannot deny this, and neither do I want to retreat into the mountains somewhere to get away from it all.

I believe I have the ability to create order out of chaos if I put my mind into order. This is a right not a privilege, and it is as the wise sage says, “Out of chaos comes order.”


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