Life is not hurry up and get through it as fast as you can experience. You will always be in a hurry and when your life is over you will wonder what you did with it. The whole idea of peace starts in the mind. It begins with the seed thought as if we were planting a seed that would eventually grow into a flower. We must begin somewhere. It does not matter when you begin as much as it matters that you do begin.

When this small, tiny seed of wanting to find a peaceful solution to a problem starts to grow, it actually nurtures the mind as you would when you plant a seed and then give it water. As you start to think about peace you might find yourself becoming angry instead of peaceful. Before we can become peaceful we need to deal with what it is that is preventing us.

The process of dealing with what is not peaceful within us is not as simple to deal with as it is to talk or read about. We are emotional before we are thoughtful, at least most of us are. Our emotions bring us conflict and this is not a peaceful state.

Peace begins with you is the concept that before we can decide there should be peace in the world, the peace starts with us. Even in the most painful life circumstances, the same peace begins with us. We might reject this idea completely as not being possible. Sooner or later though we find we are in so much turmoil inside of us that we long for peace. When this time comes that is when you are ready to begin contemplating about your internal disposition, and it is time to learn how to meditate.

Meditation is Contemplation

Meditation is the art of contemplation. It is the inner thoughts and feelings. When you sit in the silence this is when you can “hear” yourself think. Meditation is an ancient practice. Many cultures do it regularly as part of their daily routine. Start by being silent for five minutes and then increase it to ten over time. At first it will be difficult because you’re not used to sitting still and doing nothing. 

You will find yourself thinking of everything, and that is fine. You can’t just switch off your mind It’s not possible to make it blank either. If you’re having a lot of difficulty sitting in complete silence, find some meditation music and play it while sitting in meditation, it helps.

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