The interesting thing about people is there is always someone who is different and interesting to talk to. As long as you can find people with a common interest you can interact and share your experiences. It is a given, like attracts like. These days we are becoming even more specific about who we associate with. The placebo effect of social media is wearing off.

Online connection is incredible but it has to be a pleasant interaction. On this site you do not see the usual connecting tags except to Google+. This is because I am not a fan of social media and have not found the contact meaningful. The Internet is a new playground, technology ads to the ease of our lifestyle if you do not let it take over and control things.

People are our most precious asset on this earth as is the vegetation and the animals that walk the earth as we do. The whole life experience while we are here during this lifetime is a precious experience even though there are the difficulties and often inexplicable ironies. It is all part of the waking process.

The enigma of you and me will always be fascinating. People come together over ideas to create a better life for themselves and for the world. The labels we give people are unfair, we should accept people as they are without judgement.

Who am I?
And who are you?
We are two strangers,
You sum me up before we talk.
I have no judgement of you,
We talk a while,
Then move on with our lives.
I liked you,
Will we connect again?
©2014 Jashryn

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