Before you roll your eyes to the heavens and wonder how will you ever get iyour website to be the way you want, you should stop and think about your website. What is the problem? Today you can find a readymade website and all you need to do is fill in the placeholders. It sounds good but in reality it doesn’t work. The website has to have a definite function. What do you want to do on the Web? Run a business, sell products, offer services, have a blog,write articles.

A website won’t take form until you can identify what kind of website you want. If you have a website and you’re not satisfied with it, then you still need to think about your website. What about your website doesn’t work? Your answers  will be a list of things, this is when you should consult with someone about your website and get the answers to your questions.

Often it’s just a matter of knowing what can be done with a website and then implementing the right plugin or changing to a better theme to accommodate what you have in mind.

Choice of Theme

This is the most important decision before anything else is decided. The Theme must be one that has the flexibility to keep pace with technology and is regularly updated with sufficient documentation for support.

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Web Hosting

This is the second most important decision. A Hosting Company must offer sufficient memory, daily backups, updated servers, tech support and sufficient documentation.


This is the third most important decision the style and theme of the website. It is now possible for  Non tech users to build a professional website using the same Theme a designer uses.

Opposition To Your Decision

When you have decided what you want you’ll find nothing but opposition to your decision if you listen to advertising and free offers to get your website up and running in under an hour. This is the way to give yourself back all the problems you had in the first place. There is no such solution when it comes to a website. Nothing happens that fast if it is going to accommodate the vision you have about what you want to do on the web.

You’ll find smooth words of empty promise advertising resounding in your head as you search for the Theme, a Web Hosting Company and a Design for your website. Everything you read will be the opposite of the last article you just read. You’re on the receiving end of someone trying to persuade you they are right about your website.

Knowing What You Want

How well do you know yourself?

Do you want to have a unique brand or do you only see what someone else has done on their website and that’s what you want as well.

If you want an exact replica of what someone else’s website looks like, this is plagiarism and they can and will come after you for copying their brand or specific look. Your website needs to be your own design. Unique to the kind of service you offer.

If your website is confusingly similar so that a consumer cannot tell the difference between your website and someone else’s brand then you may find yourself in a lawsuit. It is better not to copy anyone else’s style but to develop your own.

How Much Should You Pay For A Website

This is a major consideration because the less you pay for a website, the more problems you will have going forward. If you buy into the low cost, or worse, the free deal, you’ll end up by spending more money. With technology; you get what you pay for.

A website isn’t expensive if you have the right information before you start to build the website. Without this information you’re subject to the free bargain with restrictions.

You can build a website quickly, but does the website do what you want it to? 

Before You Purchase Anything

Before you purchase a Domain Name a Web Hosting Service, and a Theme, you must be able to calculate the cost to see if it fits in with your budget. If your budget is $0.00 you will buy a free website.

The free website is wisfull thinking because it will take your website to a dead end. The creation of a website is a journey, and like any journey you undertake you need a map to know where you’re going.


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