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How To Reach For Prosperity And Get It

Own your own time and your own business.

What’s time, money, and freedom worth to you? Anything or everything.

More time and freedom would be nice… if only you had the money. If you could have your own business, work in your time, and make money. Would you do it?

A successful online business is not a myth. Imagine owning your time, your business, and being prosperous.

As a business owner for the last twenty-six years my time has been spent running a wedding business. You would think a wedding business runs itself. People fall in love and get married all the time. The truth is weddings are seasonal.

In our home there are two breadwinners. My husband works full time. But even with my wedding business we don’t make enough to cover our expenses. Finding a part-time job with low hourly wages would mean working twenty-four hours a day.

Sometimes the business you need finds you. Today, I own my time, an online marketing business with steady income, working part-time, with the freedom to live the way I want to.

If you’ve heard it all before and it sounds too good to be true, then it’s not your time to make money and be free.

I Am Living The Laptop Lifestyle

Let me assure you this is not a get rich quick work from home in a few months you’ll be wealthy. Life will never be that simple. I can’t pretend to you launching a new business will be quick and easy it won’t.

How to reach for prosperity and get it is not only about making money. It’s about the whole package, which includes you as an individual. But there is a little known secret key, it’s simple when someone shows you how.

Ralph Waldo Emerson proposed, “Common sense is genius dressed in work clothes.” It takes common sense to recognize a business opportunity. But connecting the genius in work clothes is a better approach.

The humble computer is one of your best business partners. Armed with common sense the genius (you) turn up in work clothes and run your business in your online back office. The laptop lifestyle isn’t a faddish, idyllic lifestyle. And no, I’m not working on the beach, I am working in my home, on my laptop. Your new office is virtual and portable.

Are You Too Busy Earning A Living To Make Money?

Living paycheck to paycheck is stressful. A frugal lifestyle is wise when you have so little money. Working for a living is a fact of life. It’s what you do that counts.

Imagine investing time and money with real people who want to work with you. The idea you don’t have to work to make money is just not true. When you change your life to a better and fuller style of living you break the cycle. When you reach for prosperity you get it.

Have Time Money And Freedom

The most important thing you have in life is time. For your family, time to live, and time to be the kind of person you want to be. Are you working all the time with too little return? That’s exactly how I felt.

Money is an energy of exchange. When it’s respected and carefully handled, it allows us the privilege to earn the right to be wealthy. Wealth isn’t an automatic result. It’s the result of innovative effort.

I started my second business, not only because the seasons always change, but something else happened… I learned the secret of how to reach for prosperity, get it, and keep it.

Can You Really Work Less Hours And Make Money?

Yes you can if you know how. Of course there will be those who will say it can’t be done. They are the ones not doing it. You work smarter, not harder. Time is your most valuable asset but it’s what you do with your time that counts.

Just exactly What Is This Business?

Simply put it is a top tier marketing company promoting digital knowledge products. The license of the products is owned by you when you start the business. The business is done online. It’s no secret technology provides us with the means to operate a business without the expense of brick and mortar and warehouse shipping. The back office is an integrated business organization system with training. When you know how it’s just a matter of application.

If all we have to do is apply what we know why are there so few that make it? It’s a simple answer, fear. If you want to finally release yourself from all fear and get real confidence, participate in the knowledge economy.

Digital Knowledge Products

The knowledge economy comes through access to the digital products. These products have ideas and information that will rock your world with what you’ve been looking for to really get ahead in business.

What if you could attend the seminar, in your own time and listen to 15 audio lessons. You would have access to the marketing approach of the most wealthy and successful marketers in the world. The industry relevant packages give you insider knowledge. You are sitting at the mastermind planning table. In a flash of inspiration a new idea will come to you based on what you just learned.

This is the most important part of wealth-building always overlooked in favor of the dollar amount you can make.

Two important factors this business will give you

  1. An insider’s understanding of the knowledge economy from industry professionals.
  2. Show you the skills to implement them in a digital world.

There is no extra cost or required upgrading to the next level. You have unlimited access to quality knowledge of the business thinkers you’ve heard about. Now you can hear it for yourself.

One thing I can tell you, when you hear the information… it is life changing.

If you were to:

Sharpen your mind

Access the university inside your brain

Revise the forgotten skill of focus

Understand the truth about marketing and how it’s changing

You would be inspired, educated and challenged.

This is a revolutionary way to learn. The digital products are the training for the skills you’re missing.

An Online Business Is A People Business

The advancement of technology systems produce results. You never get lost in paperwork and organizational red tape. You get into the driver’s seat, and right away you know you’re driving a Rolls-Royce not a wheelbarrow.

With a proven system you’re free to concentrate on the growth of the business. And here’s where you connect with experienced people in the top tier marketing industry. People are your greatest asset. The people behind a system are the innovators. They masterminded technology to produce a system. The system works, because people work the system.

Your Investment Cost Is You

How much are you willing to invest in yourself to be successful in business? A real business opportunity will always have an investment amount. The overhead cost of an online business is less expense than a brick and mortar location business.

There’s no money back guarantee for your investment. You, the business owner, are the guarantee of the success of your business.

Your reach for prosperity starts at one of three levels.

  1. Entry level marketer – you know you don’t know, but you’re willing to learn.
  2. Experienced marketer – know what it takes, an early adopter, and like working with people.
  3. Executive marketer – you’re experienced, but you don’t know it all.

Let me speak honestly to you about this opportunity. The risk you take is the investment in yourself.

Can you prepare yourself for your eventual success? Because in this business you’ll succeed if you are:

  • Changing your mindset for today’s world.
  • Taking charge of your life.
  • Building a future financial legacy for you and your family.
  • Finding your biggest asset, yourself, look in the mirror.
  • Making lasting business relationships.
  • Participating one-on-one, person to person.

Today we live in two worlds. Online and offline. Our interaction is governed by communication and what we can do to help others and pay it forward.

How To Reach For Prosperity Get It And Keep It

The principles of doing business successfully haven’t changed. But the way we do business has. Yesterday’s job aren’t coming back. Everything around you is changing and you must become the change you seek.

The digital back office is reliable and accurate. It’s the system of organization you dream about. Something you knew you needed but could never quite figure out how to get that organized. The back office doesn’t have a bad day at the office. It responds obediently to the person operating it without arguing. It gives you the freedom and the time to make money.

Mentoring Paying It Forward

In this business we pay it forward by mentoring you. A vital necessity if you want to succeed in any activity. Someone who believes in your ability and is willing to show you how, without charging you extra. When you teach someone else to reach their best potential this is when the fun starts. Yes, starting a business is serious. But who says business people don’t know how to enjoy making money?

You won’t be an apprentice, novice or newbie. You’ll step into the business, and with me as your mentor, I will show you how. Now I’m talking about proper mentoring. Not the kind that asks you to upgrade your membership status to get access to me. But mentoring you as a partner. Right alongside with you every step. Until you become a mentor.

The Highest Vision Of Marketing

This is not just another one of those gimmicks or schemes. It’s the future of marketing. All the elements of marketing have to adjust to the digital landscape. The marketer today stands on a new territory with a new horizon.

The old marketing is aggressive and the consumer is not listening. There’s no fast track to success in any business endeavor. A fast track is a failure waiting to happen. The foundation of successful business depends on the work that is put into the business before claiming success.

Highest Vision Marketing is the new marketing in the knowledge economy. Knowledge separates the doer from the wannabe. The application of knowledge drives results. When you combine, technology and people, each one helps one to build material and personal wealth.

Money doesn’t care who makes it. And here’s another strange thing about money. There’s enough to go around for all.

This Opportunity Is Not For Everyone

99% of the people who start a business don’t succeed. Only 1% succeed.

Are you part of the 99% or are you that rare 1% person?

Here’s where I have to be perfectly honest with you and ask you some questions. Please be honest with yourself and answer truthfully.

Do you have these characteristics?

An entitlement attitude that gets it free.

You’ll reinvent the wheel.

Ignore instructions.

Think people are a commodity.

Complain the system isn’t any good.

Think women shouldn’t be millionaires.

If you answered a resounding no. Get in touch with me. I want to talk to you.

Right now I’m writing this in my back office. In a short while I’m going to begin working in the business. What I like about this business, the burden is lifted off me. I can stop and start work when I want to. Time and freedom are precious things in my life.

In this business there’s no competition and you always have support. I have formed lasting relationships and partnerships in the top tier community. And I’m having fun doing this. The reach for prosperity gives me power over my own destiny. The digital knowledge products give me the skills I need.

As I grasped the full meaning of reaching for prosperity, I improved the quality of my life. I have more time to spend with my family. I am independent, confident, and learning new things. At the same time increasing my income.

Your time, money and freedom are the turning points inside the peaks and valleys of life. Sometimes you walk in the desert and then into the lush green valley. Other times you stand at the foot of the mountain wondering if you can reach the summit.

You see, I’m an Entrepreneur. This is my second business. And I’m on a mission, to help you start your first business… or your second one.




I hired Joan as a Copywriter to write a business opportunity page for Highest Vision Marketing. She did a very thorough job of interviewing me as well as researching my company. She captured the essence of what I needed to have expressed.

I will definitely hire Joan again to do more Copywriting for my company.

Julie Nourish

Owner, Highest Vision Marketing