Divi For Non-Tech Users


Finding the Right Theme

You’ve looked at all the WordPress Themes but still cannot find one that is right for your idea for a website. Eventually you settle on a free theme, it looks great, is easy to use, and best of all it’s free, takes five-minutes to install and you’re good to go.

If this is true, why is it difficult and expensive to maintain and operate a website. Because a website is not easy to use as we’ve been told

A website has a whole lot more to using it than just being easy to use. If you’re like me you’re not going to learn HTML code. You’re not going to pay someone to build a custom website, that you still won’t know how to operate.

About WordPress

WordPress was started with the idea to improve an existing blogging software called b2cafelog. In 2003, two developers, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little created an improved version which became WordPress.

WordPress started out as a blogging platform, today, 60 million people use WordPress worldwide. but it’s more than a blogging platform. WordPress is a flexible software ideal for a web presence for business or personal use. Installing WordPress is not difficult, it’s what comes after the install. We use the end-product. A great deal of work goes into the creation of a website. WordPress is an open source software and Developers from all over the world contribute to its source code.

It’s not necessary for us to know exactly how HTML works and what it does, what we want is software to do what we want it to. A website is composed of a system of organized data files and relational links connecting information. When you start using WordPress it becomes obvious how it works. The commands are the same and don’t change. Once you know them you can use them.

You are looking at a perfectly designed and formatted theme. The missing element is how do you enter the content into your site to make it do what you want it to do. If the theme comes from a reputable Theme company there will be ample documentation.

You will see this phrase used, “optimized for the user.”
As long as the “optimized” translates into using the software, and you’re not left wondering how WordPress works.

WordPress Has Two Ends

The Back End

The back end is where the developer works with the code. This is HTML code. The hypertext markup language the developer uses to give the computer the commands so we can see the result of the code.

HTML code is necessary to run the website. The way it is structured is logical and makes sense to the developer.

The code gives the computer the command to run the software. WordPress is the software that powers a website.

The Front End Editing Tools

WordPress is a Content Management System. The introduction of the Gutenberg Editor has changed the way WordPress used to work. 

You have the option when you use the Divi Theme to build the page on the front end. Change is inevitable in technology. This is good news for us users, because it improves the experience.

A complete library of predefined layouts to use

All of this can be accomplished without having to code using the Premium WordPress Theme, the Divi Theme. This Theme is the best kept secret of designers and developers. Divi has become so popular it is now the most used theme in the world, and has been translated into 32 different languages.

The learning curve with technology needs to be done with incremental steps and not quickly and easily. If you work with a classic framework you will have everything you need to build a website without having to know code.

The built in settings are a technology partner.

How Divi Works

Select the column width

Select a module to use

Open the module

Adjust the settings

Enter the content

Change the style as needed

Flexibile Website

A website must be flexible to accommodate changes and current trends. What is in style today might be out of style in six months.

This is what the Divi Theme is a classic framework.

Who Created Divi?

The Divi Theme was created by Nick Roach and the Elegant Themes team in 2013. Divi achieves the balance of art and technology within a refined classic framework and overlays WordPress.

Design the Future

Every element needed for a website to work is built into Divi. Why would I make such a claim? I’ve used the Divi Theme for eleven years and follow the designer’s lead using the premade layouts. Whatever I could think of I could do with the modules.

What I don't Want

Buy a gorgeous theme for one year. At the end of the year pay to upgrade or buy another Theme.

Update WordPress core and the Theme breaks up.

No One is a Clueless Client

I disagree with the idea that someone is clueless. I don’t expect a client to be a developer or a designer.

The client is the one paying for the site. They want control over their site.

I Represent the User

The person on the receiving end of all the excellent work of the designer or the developer.

With the Divi Theme, it works. It works so well, this is why I do what I do.

It’s possible 

There is no time like the present for a website. All you need is someone to show you what is possible.

The Divi Theme has a way of helping you achieve what you envision for your website.