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How To Eat In Style While Making Friends Out Of Strangers and Close The Deal… get a seat at this table


My Dear Friend,

As a fellow food enthusiast and successful businessperson with a love for authentic food experiences, I had to write and tell you about what just happened.

Last week with a group of strangers I broke the ice and closed the deal, all while eating dinner. It happened so naturally. As you know, the art of the deal is usually done with days of preparation, persuasion, and information but not this time. What made it happen? How can friends and business partners emerge after meeting for the first time as total strangers? Dinners and lunches in general can be boring, expensive, and unhealthy.

So what’s so unusual about this kind of eating style?

A timeless healthy interaction you can’t afford not to use. This is also slightly out of character for me to write to you about this sort of thing isn’t it? That’s because I was overwhelmed with the success of the dinner meeting I mentioned above, and I had to let you in on this as fast as possible.

Someone with your level of expertise will easily grasp how this style of eating can promote you to the top of your game.

How do you do this? Adopt a different style. When you do lunch (or dinner) you have everyone eating out of your hand, only in this style everyone has a hand in it.

The style is the traditional Ethiopian communal style meal. Communal style eating gives you the host the take-charge position. Your guests follow your lead while you negotiate. And here is another secret; you will never have another boring dinner after you experience this style of eating.

The chef of the Ras Dashen Ethiopian Restaurant grew up in Ethiopia and learned to cook the traditional dishes from her mother. This kind of cuisine dates back to Biblical times and is religiously handed down from generation to generation. At this restaurant you don’t have to worry about strange synthetic food combinations.

The Ethiopian eating ritual begins with a hand washing ceremony. The food is served on a gebeta, a large circular, metal platter placed in the middle of the table. The bed of the platter is covered with a layer of indigenous Injera bread, the meal portions of stews, curries and vegetables are arranged on the platter.

The Injera bread is indigenous to Ethiopia and is made with teff the smallest of the whole grains yet it surpasses all other grains in nutritional value as in dietary fiber, protein, iron, amino acids, and vitamin C. This tiny grain is by far the most nutritious grain we can eat and the Ethiopians have been enjoying good health because of it all these years.

The folded Injera bread is placed on the side. You break off a piece of Injera bread and scoop up the food from the communal platter into the bread. And here is the difference, you eat with your fingers – there are no knives and forks.

I can tell you it’s an experience like no other. Eating this way changes the tone of the conversation. The blend of meat stews, vegetarian dishes, curries, vegetables, spices and sauces remind you of the rich flavor of life as well as connecting you to the people you are eating with. You share the food with the people at your table.

Imagine the president, or department head, begging to be a guest at your next dinner to have access to your most recent group of investors.

When a restaurant is good, everyone knows it and the word on the street is:

“I had no idea what to expect, other than one of my good friends had recommended the cuisine. The entire experience from start to finish, unique, authentic, and delicious.” Nathan B.
“This place isn’t just good for the food, but the community and culture in which they present and serve.” Dave L.
“They are the perfect level of spicy and flavorful.” Andrew K.
“It’s not just the food that’s always superbly spiced, it’s the experience of eating together and it’s the atmosphere that all makes this place special.” Sylvia D.
“Consistently delicious,” “The Hungry Hound”, Steve Dolinksy, ABC 7 News food reporter.

Even more; The Ras Dashen restaurant is Zagat rated as “extraordinary perfection.” And it has been mentioned in the Michelin Guide since 2011.

But we have to act fast as this idea is catching on and the restaurant has a waiting list for reservations. As a regular customer I may have some influence but I need your response to my invitation right away otherwise we might have to wait for a few months to get a table. Yes, it’s that difficult.

I want you to get your foot in the door while you can. Everything depends on your having the experience yourself, and then you take it from there. Once you join the ranks of being a regular customer, you are the future host of romantic dinners, family dinners, as well as the architect of business deals.

Join me for dinner (naturally as my guest). The kind of circles you move in will change the “let’s do lunch or dinner” every time turning interactions at this dinner table into life-long friends and business partners.

Yours truly,

PS: I even enclosed a prepaid envelope for you to mail your response to me! Once I know the date you are coming, I can make a reservation. Don’t delay you’ll never forgive yourself for the deals you pass up while waiting two months for a reservation at the restaurant.

Direct mail sales letter. Write a letter to a friend and invite them to dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Joan Margau

Copywriter, AWAI Assignment