The Classic Website The Divi Theme

The user empowerment theme

The Classic Framework

The theme that gives you:

One click update

Regular bug fixes

Reputable theme company

Constantly improving

Quality, premium theme

Use the theme without having to know code

Does this theme deliver? There will always be the inevitable is this better than the other one you just looked at. How do you know? A choice of theme comes down to personal preference and what kind of website you want to have.

Placing Yourself in the Position of Knowing

When you start a project you are the founder and the idea has its origin in your mind. You work to achieve the concept and start an endeavor. The next step is building a website to carry your idea to promote a business or information source.

You are with this idea from the ground up, it makes sense to implement your website from the ground up. I don’t mean you must learn HTML (hypertext markup language) computer code. From the ground up means having the foundational knowledge of how the website operates and connects on the World Wide Web.

How do you get to have the foundational knowledge? You have hands on when you setup your website. Even if you’ve never managed a website, today it is vital knowledge you must have if you want to have a presence on the web.

The Expert Opinion

There will always be someone who’ll gladly tell you they are the expert. The person without the boast and selfishness is the real expert.

You are the Expert

Your experience is your authority. If you have no experience building a website, then who is the authority on your publishing platform.

Who Uses the Divi Theme?

The person who wants to take charge and know how the web works. It’s no use relying on someone to do it for you. They will never do the job to your satisfaction. You’re the only one who can do it. The classic framework gives you the publishing platform.

The learning curve is not that steep. Technology doesn’t belong to the privileged few who like to use it. Nor does it belong in the hands of the designer who restricts the use of your website, in case you mess with their design.

The Dependency Issue

The person who wants you dependent on them to make money, versus the maintenance fee to a web Hosting Company. These are two different services. You must be sure which one you need.

Website Maintenance

When is this necessary? When you want someone to take care of everything. It is known as SaaS (service as a Software Substitute).

There is nothing wrong with any service, providing it’s the service you need, and you’re the one who decided to implement the service.


Web Hosting Company

You want a reputable company. If it is cheap hosting, there will be insufficient memory for your website.

A web hosting company that cuts corners¬† to get you into the long term contract isn’t worth the cheap fees.

What you Do Want

Regular backup. Tech support when you need it at no extra cost. Updated servers with sufficient memory.

All fees and costs upfront, after the low cost introductory rate. Adequate documentation for any add on features. Dependable tech support. 

Affiliate Recommended

The FCC has started to crack down on Affiliate promotions. Some recommend four or five hosting companies because anyone can register to be an affiliate for any company.

Do the research yourself

Call the hosting company and speak with them on the phone. It is easy to form an opinion based on initial contact with a company.

You will see an Affiliate by Choice link in the footer. This is because I use this company and have personal experience of their excellent service.