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The Content Optimization Framework

The vital strategy no one should be without.

The Framework

A framework is the foundation upon which something is built. It’s the process, the steps, to build the project. A Website is the framework that holds the content. Everything in the website framework is inter-relational. No page stands alone, even if it is a Landing Page or an About Page.

The Content

Writing content on the Web is easy to create. But what kind of content? From my writer’s desk today, the craft of writing is going through its biggest evolution in centuries. The writer is the content creator through all the different content management systems.

Optimized Content

We still equate optimized content with search engine optimization (SEO). If you still do, you are operating pre-Panda. After the Panda update in 2011, the algorithm changed. The search engine will never reveal the formula. It has openly stated what is needed on the web page is quality content and inbound links.

If you must have an algorithm; write for the user not the search engine.

Quality content requires a thought strategy with the user in mind.
Optimized content is aligned and gives value before the purchase.
Optimized content has purpose, to build relationships with real live interaction, not AI.

The optimized content must achieve a quality level to be read. Click bait headlines fail to impress. The user, after being caught a few times leaves the Website in disgust. As long as advertisers and marketers continue to insult the user, the user will “delete” and “unsubscribe.”

Their next action is to close their account and tell their friends.

When You Use a Content Optimization Framework

Your website becomes the go-to website for information, and what’s new.
People subscribe to your newsletter because you didn’t push them to.
You respect the user for their intelligence, and give them more than they asked for.
You provide a community they can join on your website.
You want their opinion and ask them to participate.
You bring the social element into business not only on social media platforms.
You gain trust, and respect. This is when people will do business with you.

Media Communication

The changing trends of media give you a direct avenue to communicate, take advantage of it. Produce the video, the slides, the relevant guide books, white papers. Don’t clutter your Web pages with push notification tactics. Popups and fly in notices irritate the visitor.

Respect the user without having to qualify their income, age group or education level.

Rely on real human feedback from customers themselves.

“Bid for patronage on an altruistic basis.” Claude C. Hopkins.


Web Content

The Copywriter represents the consumer. The advertiser represents the seller. The consumer and the advertiser are currently at war with each other. The solution, a well planned content optimization framework.


The coming storm of AI to generate “relevant” and “predictable,” and “proven results,” will reinforce the existing misfire between the user and the advertiser.


Communicate your ideas in writing. Reach the user through the heart and the mind. Person to person.

Take charge of your content

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