Website Hosting What You Must Know

Web Hosting Companies have different options. 

Web Hosting

To have a website live on the web you will need the services of a Web Hosting Company. There’s no shortage of companies to choose from.

In fact, you must research the different hosting options offered. This is an investment on your part. You’ll be paying a monthly rent and you want to make sure you’re investing in a good service.

Which is the best web hosting company? There isn’t one.

In general, Hosting Companies do an excellent job. After all they are in the business to host your website. You won’t find a Hosting Company that doesn’t want to be in business. The people who work on the backend of websites know how the infrastructure of websites. They are passionate about what they do and it shows in the excellent service they give to hosting your website.

The Hosting Company you choose depends on what kind of service you want for your website. Will you manage the website, or will someone manage it for you?

Self-Hosting (DIY)

You are hands on and will be logging into the back end of your Hosting Account and will adjust all the settings, set up email accounts and other maintenance required.

Managed Hosting

A webmaster manages the back end of your website for you. All you would do is manage the front end of your website from the WordPress Dashboard admin login.

What You Need Before Signing Up 

A Domain Name

You must own the Domain Name. Your Domain Name should not be confusingly similar to another one.

Sufficient Memory

A PHP 5.0 server is not sufficient memory for a website. Your website needs PHP 7.0+. Don’t settle for less memory.

Tech Support

Something will go wrong. You must be able to access tech support 24/7, without extra charges.


.zip File

WordPress Dashboard

Who Will Manage Your Website?

Self Managed

You loginto your your Web Hosting account and take care of your website on the back end with tech support only. 


Managed Hosting

Your website is managed for you. Hosting includes marketing and training to grow and scale your business.


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