Website Hosting What You Must Know

This article is written based on my personal experience. it is not full of charts with percentages and comparisons. The interaction with a Web Hosting company is now a vital part of your business operation. Even if you have a website for pleasure, you still have to host this webiste with a web hosting service.

How it works

The World Wide Web is where the world interacts. A website rents space on a server provided by the Hosting Company.

If we pause a moment and trace the journey from the personal computer through the Internet Service Provider (the phone company) using your browser of choice, you access the web.

Decision Time

At some point in the proceedings of having a website you are the decision maker and will have to decide which Hosting Company you will use.

How do you get to making the decision?

  • Don’t rely on anyone to tell you anything.
  • Absorb the information they tell you and then do this: check it out for yourself and validate what they say.
  • You do the research.
  • You check the facts.
  • Don’t let someone tell you something and the next day you find out, after you just signed up for a three year contract.

Never jump on something on an impulse with technology. Think before you click.

Logistics First

What is the name of your website? The domain you choose is important. It needs to be descriptive so someone knows what it is by looking at the domain. A hosting company can be a Domain Registrar, which means they have your domain listed in their database and they point the DNS (domain name servers) for you.

This is fine until you need to change hosts. Do you maintain the domain name yourself? You can if you register the domain with a Domain Registrar. Now here is where you need to be careful. A Domain Registrar will offer you, hosting,  free domain registration, email, the whole deal for a cheap price if you sign up today, and pay upfront three years in advance.

Don’t act in haste because it’s a great deal with a low monthly amount

Think about the wonderful deal you just paid for and in the next four minutes you’re inside the dashboard of your website, and ready to go.

The process can be overwhelming. You just have to go through the steps and what I call a process of elimination. Once you have the information then you can make the decision that is right for you.

Take ownership of tech information

Go to the source of the information. Always look at the date the information was published if you’re on a website. There is a ton of information on the web that hasn’t been updated.

Nothing is worse than finding out you’re using old information that doesn’t apply to the software or OS (operating system) you’re using. The hardware and software configurations have to match what you are using.

The Free Service

Great way to cut off your progress. When a service is free it’s going to have restrictions.

Free means upgrade. That’s the selling of free. We love it because it’s a temporary fix to our not wanting to part with money. It’s wise not to want to part with money, but not wise to want quality service for free. Your website is an extension of you.

The process takes time for the desired end result.


Which Hosting Company

At this time I cannot recommend one as I recently changed companies.

Only after I have been with a company for a while and am satisfied with their service, will I recommend them to someone.

The Professional Approach

You are going to pay for the service. You must be satisfied the service gives you what you need.

Is there sufficient documentation and is the Hosting Company on upgraded servers.