Website Dilemma Solved

Website Dilemma Solved

Website Dilemma Solved

Without knowing code, it’s true, I built this website myself. All you need is someone to show you how.

Open Clean Design

Less is more because you can.

Drag & Drop Builder

Your vision of how you want it to look.

Fully Responsive

Adapts to every screen automatically.

This Website is Built with the Divi Theme

If you need to change the layout of a page you can.

At first it might look complex, but when you know how it works, well, you can work it.

The drag and drop modules are already designed.

You can view how your website will look on a smartphone, a laptop, and a desktop from within the module.

Nothing as sophisticated as a well designed Website is “super easy,” or “super fast.”

How Things Evolved

The website dilemma started ten years ago. My first Website was built by a friend.  It was a stunning Website, but I didn’t know how to operate it. You can’t always depend on someone else to do things for you. I jumped on the Internet and came across a well-designed Website that made sense.

I contacted the designer. The designer responded politely to my naive question; he didn’t do websites for individuals only for corporations. What I didn’t know; I had only contacted the top design agency in New York. I’m sure he had a good laugh over my dilemma. My question told him how much I didn’t know.

With the sting of embarrassment still burning inside, I went off to find out about website software and how it works. I found Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, and read as much as I could about them.

WordPress was the only software you could use without knowing code.

My first WordPress Theme cost $69, and came with one year free tech support plus hosting fees. Every year I had to buy another theme to continue the tech support and hosting. The Web hosting fees increased and the templates were all the same. One thing I couldn’t do was update the WordPress software or the theme. This meant my website was outdated and at risk of being hacked.

What did I want?

Something simple, modern and flexible. By this time I knew how WordPress works, still without using code. The coding part of WordPress is the developer’s job. I decided I didn’t want to be a developer, just a user. A website is the artistry of the developer, the designer, and the user.

My search led me to a designer who understands the Website experience from the user’s perspective. These were the Themes built by Nick Roach, the lead designer of Elegant Themes design team.

First I used the Chameleon theme, then the Glider, then the Vertex… and then there was the Divi Theme. Now I have the flexibility, and I still don’t know code.

Now it’s your turn to build your site. I’ll show you how. Contact me.

Web Hosting

A website needs requires a Hosting Company to operate on the Web. You want a reliable company that has your website as their interest. Go beyond the free domain, free WordPress Theme, get your site up in 30 minutes and start earning money. This is sales jargon.

As a Website Consultant the first thing I’m going to ask you is who is your hosting company. Are they reliable? Are you satisfied with them? If you are, then stay with that hosting company. If not then it might be time to move your website.


An Elegant Find

I’ve used Elegant Themes services since 2011.

I started out as an individual member. As I built my websites I had excellent tech support at no extra charge.

Today I am a lifetime member and an affiliate with Elegant Themes. When you find something this good you share it.

So, you have questions…

Can I Create A Website Without Knowing Code
Yes, you can. It used to be you couldn’t, today it’s possible. The code is automatically generated for you. In fact the less code you know the better. That’s when it becomes complex. The files of your website are in the Editor section. Everything should function without your having to add or delete anything. If there is a problem with your website, naturally the developers of this Theme will be glad to help, without extra charge.

When you know how Websites work no one can take advantage of you.

How Much Do You Charge?

There are so many Themes and Websites, it’s easy to get a cheap Theme.

If you contact me you get a personal service. Someone who shows you how to design your own site, and operate it.

teaThe first thing we do is talk about what you need. Let’s get together online. Have you heard about Zoom or Skype?

I have worked with WordPress since 2008. It is user friendly and fun to use… when you know how.

I am an affiliate with Elegant Themes because I have been with them since 2012. Their Themes are constantly improving as is WordPress. If my Theme has to be updated, I press the Update Theme button without losing any design element throughout the site.

I believe you should never pay too much, or too little, and never for free.

What About the Writing in the Website?
Building a Website is a more of a personal journey than anything else. The whole exercise will refine who and what you are. What you bring to the marketplace as a professional industry, service, and as an individual. To do this you need someone to listen to your ideas, and help you implement them. You know what’s best for your business or service.

As  a writer and designer in real time with the Divi Theme, I can help you write the content for your site. Sometimes your Website just needs an update. Technology pushes us forward. Adjusting the content and layout of your website gives you the inspiration to move forward with your idea.

What If I Don't Know What A Module Is?
Once you see what it looks like and what it does, you will be able to find it in the library. All you do is choose a module. This is a toggle module. You can edit the title of the module and save it to the Divi library to reuse.
Can I Use This Theme With is a free blogging platform with many choices of Themes, but not the Divi Theme.

Think about these things first:

  • Do you have a domain name?
  • Take your time deciding on a name for your Website. You must do a search to make sure someone else isn’t using the name.
  • Don’t choose a domain similar to another name; this is trademark infringement.
  • Your website needs a reputable hosting company; not a free platform.
  • Look at pricing plans first before you jump into their crazy $1.00 a month offer to host your website.
  • Hosting companies are in the businesses of hosting.
  • Get over the word free; it means upgrade and pay.

This is what you don’t want:

  • A Website someone built for you, but you don’t understand how to operate the site.
  • A turnkey website with in-house systems charging a high monthly fee plus extra for technical support.
  • A Website you can’t update when WordPress software updates a security patch.
  • A single use Theme, meaning you can only use the Theme on one Website.
  • Paying monthly fees for fancy technology you don’t need.

If we work together on your website, you’ll get the information you need to know how your Website works. Once you know… there’s no stopping you. I’ll also be around for a while to answer questions.

Don't Be Shy

Let’s talk about your website.

A Mentor

A Mentor

A Mentor

What if someone showed you how?

A Mentor has been where you are.

When knowledge is shared we have a better opportunity ahead of us. We don’t feel as if we are entirely alone. There is someone else who has been through what we are going through. When you are inspired you are motivated, and that is when you contribute and give of your services.

I started using WordPress in 2006. No one knows how to use software before they use it. The whole Web experience requires us to gain new skills. When you think about it the Web gained popularity in 1990, twenty-six years ago. Technology moves faster than human nature. We have to slow down in order to catch up with technology.

Slowing down means understanding the basics. When you know the basics that is when someone cannot take advantage of you. The tasks on the Web, and inside your Website, are mainly repetitive. Once you have learned them, they become second nature.

There must be a charge but the fee doesn’t have to be too high that you cannot afford to pay someone for their time. We have developed a society that wants everything free. We are in the business of free selling. If it is free we’ll take it. Unfortunately free doesn’t deliver. When we value our time, and other people’s time, enough for a fair exchange, we contribute something of ourselves and share this with others.

tea When you get together in person a conversation starts in real time. This is what I call a real time paradigm. And this is why I decided to be a Website Consultant, a Copywriter, and Mentor. If your need is beyond my scope of experience, I can refer you to the right people.

We live in a different time. Most of what we learn we now have to unlearn. This doesn’t make sense at first, but it is true. Life has changed. The Web is here to stay. We love it. We use it every day. But how and what and why is an enigma. Depending on whose sales pitch you listen to you’ll get different results.

speakThe time to listen is when there is no sales pitch.

I chose to be a Mentor to those who need help with their presence on the Web. My passion is helping people because there were people who helped me along the way as I learned. They were Mentors too. I follow their example.

How many to do articles have you read?

Too many and you’re still trying to figure out how to do something. You only get to figure things out if someone shows you how it is done. Then you can do it, but with your style.

pracThere are so many experts who claim they can do so much. Guaranteed success. Hundreds of people have made it, you can too. Everyone has the potential to succeed, but the journey to success is very different from the “easy to do,” or “save time and money.” A real expert will tell you how difficult it is, but this should be an inspiration. There will always be another list of however many things to do for the perfect outcome. None of those lists work, we all have our own way of doing things.

Your success starts when you decide you’re ready to learn, because you want to.

The Divi Nation

The Divi Theme is the most used theme in the world, and has been translated into 32 different languages.

Anyone can build a website with the Divi Theme. Join the Divi Nation on Facebook.

The Divi Nation in Chicago

The first of many Meetups in Chicago for the Divi Nation.

Thanks to Visual Wright, Inc., for letting us use their office space for the Meetup. We plan on having regular Meetups in the future.


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