Website Dilemma Solved

Website Dilemma Solved

Website Dilemma Solved

Without knowing code, it’s true, I built this website myself.

All you need is someone to show you how.

Open Clean Design

Less is more because you can.

Drag & Drop Builder

Your vision of how you want it to look.

Fully Responsive

Adapts to every screen automatically.

How Things Evolved

The website dilemma started ten years ago. My first Website was built by a friend.  It was a stunning Website, but I didn’t know how to operate it. You can’t always depend on someone else to do things for you. I jumped on the Internet and came across a well-designed Website that made sense.

I contacted the designer. The designer responded politely to my naive question; he didn’t do websites for individuals only for corporations. What I didn’t know; I had only contacted the top design agency in New York. I’m sure he had a good laugh over my dilemma. My question told him how much I didn’t know.


With the sting of embarrassment still burning inside, I went off to find out about website software and how it works. I found Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. WordPress was the only software you could use without having to know how to code.

My first WordPress Theme cost $69, with one year free tech support plus hosting fees. Every year I had to buy another theme and redo my website.

WordPress would update regularly but the Hosting Company servers wouldn’t let me update to the latest version of WordPress. This meant my website was outdated and at risk of being hacked.

What To Do?

I wanted a WordPress Theme that didn’t require me to redo my website. I also wanted to be able to change the layout of the page instead of only two choices.

By this time I knew how WordPress works, still without using code. The coding part of WordPress is the developer’s job. I decided I didn’t want to be a developer, just a user. A website is the artistry of the developer, the designer, and the user.

My search led me to a designer who understands the Website experience from the user’s perspective. These were the Themes built by Nick Roach, the lead designer of Elegant Themes design team.

First I used the Chameleon theme, then the Glider, then the Vertex… and then there was the Divi Theme. Now I have flexibility, on page editing, responsive editing and can style my website without having to change the theme. And I still don’t know how to code.

An Elegant Find

I’ve used Elegant Themes services since 2011.

I started out as an individual member. As I built my websites I had excellent tech support at no extra charge.

Today, I am a lifetime member and an affiliate with Elegant Themes. When you find something this good you share it.

This Website is Built with the Divi Theme

If you need to change the layout of a page you can.

The drag and drop modules are already designed.

You can view how your website will look on a smartphone, a laptop, and a desktop as you work using the advanced Visual Builder.

Nothing as sophisticated as a well designed Website is “super easy,” or “super fast.”

Web Hosting Dilemma

The original hosting company did not offer sufficient memory to upgrade WordPress This is asking a hacker to break into your website.

Read this before you sign up for Website Hosting.

Website Dilemma

The outcome of my dilemma was learning to use WordPress and finding the Divi Theme.

I’ve used the Divi Theme for six years and have no need for another theme.

So, you have questions…

Can I Create A Website Without Knowing Code

Yes, you can. It used to be you couldn’t, today it’s possible. The code is automatically generated for you. In fact the less code you know the better. That’s when it becomes complex. The files of your website are in the Editor section. Everything should function without your having to add or delete anything. If there is a problem with your website, naturally the developers of this Theme will be glad to help, without extra charge.

When you know how Websites work no one can take advantage of you.

How Much Do You Charge?

There are so many Themes and Websites, it’s easy to get a cheap Theme.

If you contact me you get a personal service. Someone who shows you how to design your own site, and operate it.

teaThe first thing we do is talk about what you need, and what is your budget.

I have worked with WordPress since 2008. It is user friendly and fun to use… when you know how.

I am an affiliate with Elegant Themes because I have been with them since 2012. Their Themes are constantly improving as is WordPress. If my Theme has to be updated, I press the Update Theme button without losing any design element throughout the site.

I believe you should never pay too much, or too little, and never for free.

What About the Content in the Website?

Building a Website is a more of a personal journey than anything else. The process will refine what you bring to the marketplace as a professional industry, service, and as an individual. To do this you need someone to listen to your ideas, and help you implement them. You know what’s best for your business or service.

When you write and design in real time using the Divi Theme you’ll know what kind of content to put into the module. Sometimes your Website just needs an update. Adjusting the content and using one of the premade layouts gives you the inspiration to move forward with your idea.

What If I Don't Know What A Module Is?

Once you see what it looks like and what it does, you will be able to find it in the library. All you do is choose a module. This is a toggle module. You can edit the title of the module and save it to the Divi library to reuse.

Can I Use This Theme With is a free blogging platform with many choices of Themes, but not the Divi Theme.

Think about these things first:

  • Do you have a domain name?
  • Take your time deciding on a name for your Website. You must do a search to make sure someone else isn’t using the name.
  • Don’t choose a domain similar to another name; this is trademark infringement.
  • Your website needs a reputable hosting company; not a free platform.
  • Look at pricing plans first before you jump into their crazy $1.00 a month offer to host your website.
  • Hosting companies are in the businesses of hosting.
  • Get over the word free; it means upgrade and pay.

This is what you don’t want:

  • A Website someone built for you, but you don’t understand how to operate the site.
  • A turnkey website with in-house systems charging a high monthly fee plus extra for technical support.
  • A Website you can’t update when WordPress software updates a security patch.
  • A single use Theme, meaning you can only use the Theme on one Website.
  • Paying monthly fees for fancy technology you don’t need.

If we work together on your website, you’ll get the information you need to know how your Website works. Once you know… there’s no stopping you. I’ll also be around for a while to answer questions.

Don't Be Shy

Let’s talk about your website.

Website Hosting What You Must Know

Website Hosting What You Must Know

Website Hosting What You Must Know

Web Hosting Companies have different options. 

Web Hosting

To have a website live on the web you will need the services of a Web Hosting Company. There’s no shortage of companies to choose from.

In fact, you must research the different hosting options offered. This is an investment on your part. You’ll be paying a monthly rent and you want to make sure you’re investing in a good service.

Which is the best web hosting company? There isn’t one.

In general, Hosting Companies do an excellent job. After all they are in the business to host your website. You won’t find a Hosting Company that doesn’t want to be in business. The people who work on the backend of websites know how the infrastructure of websites. They are passionate about what they do and it shows in the excellent service they give to hosting your website.

The Hosting Company you choose depends on what kind of service you want for your website. Will you manage the website, or will someone manage it for you?

Self-Hosting (DIY)

You are hands on and will be logging into the back end of your Hosting Account and will adjust all the settings, set up email accounts and other maintenance required.

Managed Hosting

A webmaster manages the back end of your website for you. All you would do is manage the front end of your website from the WordPress Dashboard admin login.

What You Need Before Signing Up 

A Domain Name

You must own the Domain Name. Your Domain Name should not be confusingly similar to another one.

Sufficient Memory

A PHP 5.0 server is not sufficient memory for a website. Your website needs PHP 7.0+. Don’t settle for less memory.

Tech Support

Something will go wrong. You must be able to access tech support 24/7, without extra charges.


.zip File

WordPress Dashboard

Who Will Manage Your Website?

Self Managed

You loginto your your Web Hosting account and take care of your website on the back end with tech support only. 


Managed Hosting

Your website is managed for you. Hosting includes marketing and training to grow and scale your business.


Read About WordPress

The most used software for websites

About Your Website

About Your Website

About Your Website

Everyone Needs a Website

If you don’t have one, it’s time to get one… yesterday.

The succes of your Website depends more on how you think about yourself and your occupation. From the smallest startup, to the largest corporation, it’s the people behind the business that make the difference.

Act on it

Technology Loop

Website software, apps and systems in use change rapidly. We use more technology than we want to think about, and we can hardly keep pace with the updates.  

Slow down to keep up

The fastest way to keep up, is to slow down and get the basic skills of how Websites work. With all the information at our disposal, we still need someone to show us how the software works.

The seller of the software wants you to buy their latest product and start using it right away. You’re looking at the end result of their product, which by the way took a long time and a team to produce.

Cancel Out The Noise

There will always be a must-have low cost deal, the quickest shortcut, or the latest app that replaces the other app.  Cancel out the noise and then you can start to hear yourself think … about your website.

Not what everyone else is doing, but what you want for your website.

If you don’t know: let’s have a conversation and find out.

The Biggest Hurdle You Face

The person behind the Website, you.

The publisher, the voice of the business participating on the Worldwide Web. Communication and interaction with customers and potential customers.

With your website you will influence the people who interact with your content. The power of the written word has influence. It is the branding mechanism. Your website is your introduction.

The Influence of Example

There will be someone else doing something similar to what you are doing.  Be careful not to copy their ideas and use them as your own. Always be unique and original through your expertise.

Follow an example based on the principle of the merit of an idea, or business practice, and give credit to their original work.

Are you ready to look in the mirror?

Your Website is a mirror reflection of your brand. It’s a publishing platform.

Tips, tricks, and strategies are meaningless. Until you know why you’re doing what you do. The reason for having a website has to be clear to you first.

Who Are You?

The question of who you are, and what you have, is based on the merit of what you bring to the table in your line of service. Your experience is your authority. If you misrepresent yourself, or your business, you lose people’s trust.

Trust in business is earned not claimed.

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

A business should be service first and the ROI will follow. Data analysis of human behavioral characteristics is subject to someone’s analysis. 

The person you’re trying to reach is a human being not a statistic or a type.

“The two greatest faults in advertising are boasts and selfshiness.”

Claude J. Hopkins



Anyone can say anything about themselves on the Web. Always represent your authentic self. Use a current picture of yourself. Let your work be on the merit of what you do.

If you are the sole person behind your website, an About Us page gives the impression of more than one.

What is the purpose of your website?

There is a human being on the receiving end of everything you do in your website. 

Website Software Issues

Some companies specialize in brand bashing downplaying competition. Each one wants you to use their software.

The user is the judge. Whichever one you choose, you must be comfortable with the basics so you can operate the site.

The Choice Depends On:

  1. How much technology you want to use?
  2. How well you know yourself?

Your Website is a launching platform for your ideas and message. If you don’t know how to operate the technology, how will you launch your business, or hobby?

Which Software

If you want to be in charge of your Website, you need a Website powered by WordPress. The Designer and the Developer built WordPress for the user. WordPress is secure and flexible.

Desgined and Developed

This depends on your budget and the nature of your business. This site is custom created with the Divi Theme. Knowing how the software works, keeps you on the pulse of your business.

WordPress Theme

There are many Themes. There is one among the many. The Divi Theme, a user’s dream. You don’t have to be a Designer or a Developer to have a website. I built this website with the Divi Theme.

Non-Tech Users

Non-Tech Users

Non Tech Users Build Websites

Without knowing code
Build Your Website

What Does Non Teach Mean?

There’s no such thing as a non-tech person today. Everyone is tech savvy in that they can figure out how something works. Even Grandma knows now. Anyone can read a tutorial, watch a YouTube video and get information about how something works.

In relation to websites:

  • The developer knows how to code
  • The designer modifies the style relative to the subject or theme
  • The user is on the receiving end of the expertise, and has the best time of all
    • Using the theme smile

Who Is a Non-Tech User?

Everyone. You don’t have to be an ‘expert’ at something. 

My first website was with a software called Expression Web. After the tiresome restrictions of entering copy only within the HTML brackets, I decided there had to be a better way to enter content into a website.

Don’t think because I entered the text into the code brackets I know how to code. I just figured that out after looking at the content in the split screen view. It took too long to compose one paragraph, never mind a whole page of content.

The alternative for Non-Tech Users?

WordPress. You can use WordPress without knowing code. The whole key with websites is, you learn as you go along.

Using the Settings

From inside the WordPress Dashboard you manage your website and enable the Theme.


Use the Help Menu

Built into the Divi Theme are video tutorials to show you exactly how to use the function.

Working with a Premade Layout

A Layout Pack comes built into the Divi Theme. Using a premade layout will help you put your content onto the page. You don’t only get one Layout Pack, there are 125+ layouts in the Divi Library. A new one is added each week.

When you see it you know it

How do you know when something looks good? You just do. The truth is we aren’t all designers, but we are able to use the Layout Pack and end up with a great looking website.

No one believed me when I told them I built my websites myself, they thought I hired a professional designer. I didn’t, I just used the Divi Theme.

Adding Your Content

You’ll also find inspiration because the way the Divi Layout Pack is styled makes sense. You’re now building your website yourself. Of course there is a learning curve, but that’s part of using technology anyway.

Premade Layouts

Choose a Layout that resonates with you.

Start by using one page and then return to the Divi Library to use the other pages from the layout pack.

The Visual Builder

One of the first of its kind to be introduced. You edit the content in the visual builder on the front end of the page. You’re seeing the content come onto the page as you write, or cut and paste content, or add an image.

On the right is the Image Module. Click on the placeholder image to add the image from the Media Library.

The Final Result

The whole experience of website building has changed. You’re in the position to build a website yourself. To build a website this way you must be someone who likes to do it yourself.

Doing it yourself will give you the foundational knowledge you need to grow your online business. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself you can buy a Child Theme. A Child Theme is built with a style sheet that would be difficult to change if you didn’t know basic code and CSS styling.

If you’re new to WordPress you might not be comfortable building an entire website. When I first started to use the Divi Theme I wasn’t a beginner, I had been using WordPress for seven years. The Divi Theme uses WordPress but you don’t even realize you’re using WordPress because it’s so easy to use.

Anytime you’re using something for the first time it isn’t familiar. After you’ve used it for a while, you’ll be surprised at yourself. You didn’t know you had it in you to buld your own website.

Still unsure you can do it?

This is why I started Website Consulting & Design in real time.

I’ll show you how Divi works and you’ll build your website.