About Your Website

About Your Website

Everyone needs a Website

If you don’t have one, it’s time to get one… yesterday.

The success of your Website depends more on how you think about yourself and your occupation on the Web. From the smallest startup, to the largest corporation, it’s the people behind the business that make the difference.

We have been led to believe the software or app is user friendly. After you know how it works, yes, it is easy to use. But you have to slow down and learn to operate the software. The apps and systems we use are sophisticated. We use more technology than we want to think about.

Slow down to keep up

The fastest way to keep up, is to slow down and get the basic skills of how Websites work. With all the information at our disposal, we still need someone to show us how the software works.

We know how the seller of the software feels, they want you to buy the product and start using it right away. You’re looking at the end result of their product, which by the way took a long time and a team to produce.

Cancel out the noise

There will always be a must-have low cost deal, or the quickest shortcut to something. Cancel out the noise and then you can start to hear yourself think … about your website. Not what everyone else is doing, but what you want for your website.

If you don’t know: let’s have a conversation and find out.

The biggest hurdle you face

The person behind the Website, you.

The publisher, the voice of the business. Join the conversation, give the information your potential customer is looking for. This is why they are on your website.  All these activities have an end result, a consequence.

The power of the written word has influence. It is the branding mechanism. Your website is your introduction.

The Influence of Example

There will be someone else doing something similar to what you are doing.  Be careful not to copy their ideas and use them as if they are your own. Always be unique and original through your expertise.

Follow an example based on the principle of the merit of an idea, or business practice, and give credit to their original work.

Are you ready to look in the mirror?

Your Website is a mirror reflection of who and what you are. The Web interaction is exciting and we want to make things happen fast. Building an online presence, and a reputation, will take time.

You’ll find endless lists of tips, tricks, and strategies. All of them are meaningless, until you know why you are doing what you do. Your reason has to be clear to you first.

Who are You?

The question of who you are, and what you have, is based on the merit of what you bring to the table in your line of service. Your experience is your authority. If you misrepresent yourself, or your business, you lose people’s trust.

Trust in business is earned not claimed.

How well do you know yourself?

A business is about service first and the ROI second. Data analysis of human behavioral characteristics is subject so someone’s analysis. The person you’re trying to reach is a human being not a statistic.

“The two greatest faults in advertising are boasts and selfishness.” Claude J. Hopkins.

Anyone say anything about themselves on the Web.

Always represent your authentic self.

Use a current picture of yourself.

Let your work be on the merit.

If you are the sole person behind your Website, an About Us page gives the impression of more than one. 

What is the purpose of your website?

There is a human being on the receiving end of everything you do.

Website Software Issues

Some companies specialize in brand bashing and downplay their competition. Each one wants you to use their software. The user is the judge. Whichever one you choose, you must be comfortable with the basics so you can operate the site.

The choice depends on:

  1. How much technology you want to use?
  2. How well you know yourself?

Your Website is a launching platform for your ideas and message.

Which Software

If you want to be in charge of your Website, you need a Website powered by WordPress. The Designer and the Developer built WordPress for the user. WordPress is secure and flexible.

Desgined and Developed

This depends on your budget and the nature of your business. This site is custom created with the Divi Theme. Knowing how the software works, keeps you on the pulse of your business.

WordPress Theme

There are many Themes. There is one among the many. The Divi Theme, a user’s dream. You don’t have to be a Designer or a Developer to have a website. I built this website with the Divi Theme.

It's time to get your website where you want it to be

Web Content Strategy

Web Content Strategy

The Content Optimization Framework

The vital strategy no one should be without.

The Framework

A framework is the foundation upon which something is built. It’s the process, the steps, to build the project. A Website is the framework that holds the content. Everything in the website framework is inter-relational. No page stands alone, even if it is a Landing Page or an About Page.

The Content

Writing content on the Web is easy to create. But what kind of content? From my writer’s desk today, the craft of writing is going through its biggest evolution in centuries. The writer is the content creator through all the different content management systems.

Optimized Content

We still equate optimized content with search engine optimization (SEO). If you still do, you are operating pre-Panda. After the Panda update in 2011, the algorithm changed. The search engine will never reveal the formula. It has openly stated what is needed on the web page is quality content and inbound links.

If you must have an algorithm; write for the user not the search engine.

Quality content requires a thought strategy with the user in mind.
Optimized content is aligned and gives value before the purchase.
Optimized content has purpose, to build relationships with real live interaction, not AI.

The optimized content must achieve a quality level to be read. Click bait headlines fail to impress. The user, after being caught a few times leaves the Website in disgust. As long as advertisers and marketers continue to insult the user, the user will “delete” and “unsubscribe.”

Their next action is to close their account and tell their friends.

When You Use a Content Optimization Framework

Your website becomes the go-to website for information, and what’s new.
People subscribe to your newsletter because you didn’t push them to.
You respect the user for their intelligence, and give them more than they asked for.
You provide a community they can join on your website.
You want their opinion and ask them to participate.
You bring the social element into business not only on social media platforms.
You gain trust, and respect. This is when people will do business with you.

Media Communication

The changing trends of media give you a direct avenue to communicate, take advantage of it. Produce the video, the slides, the relevant guide books, white papers. Don’t clutter your Web pages with push notification tactics. Popups and fly in notices irritate the visitor.

Respect the user without having to qualify their income, age group or education level.

Rely on real human feedback from customers themselves.

“Bid for patronage on an altruistic basis.” Claude C. Hopkins.


Web Content

The Copywriter represents the consumer. The advertiser represents the seller. The consumer and the advertiser are currently at war with each other. The solution, a well planned content optimization framework.


The coming storm of AI to generate “relevant” and “predictable,” and “proven results,” will reinforce the existing misfire between the user and the advertiser.


Communicate your ideas in writing. Reach the user through the heart and the mind. Person to person.

Take charge of your content

Your privacy is respected and your email is never shared.

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A Mentor

A Mentor

A Mentor

What if someone showed you how?

A Mentor has been where you are.

When knowledge is shared we have a better opportunity ahead of us. We don’t feel as if we are entirely alone. There is someone else who has been through what we are going through. When you are inspired you are motivated, and that is when you contribute and give of your services.

I started using WordPress in 2006. No one knows how to use software before they use it. The whole Web experience requires us to gain new skills. When you think about it the Web gained popularity in 1990, twenty-six years ago. Technology moves faster than human nature. We have to slow down in order to catch up with technology.

Slowing down means understanding the basics. When you know the basics that is when someone cannot take advantage of you. The tasks on the Web, and inside your Website, are mainly repetitive. Once you have learned them, they become second nature.

There must be a charge but the fee doesn’t have to be too high that you cannot afford to pay someone for their time. We have developed a society that wants everything free. We are in the business of free selling. If it is free we’ll take it. Unfortunately free doesn’t deliver. When we value our time, and other people’s time, enough for a fair exchange, we contribute something of ourselves and share this with others.

tea When you get together in person a conversation starts in real time. This is what I call a real time paradigm. And this is why I decided to be a Website Consultant, a Copywriter, and Mentor. If your need is beyond my scope of experience, I can refer you to the right people.

We live in a different time. Most of what we learn we now have to unlearn. This doesn’t make sense at first, but it is true. Life has changed. The Web is here to stay. We love it. We use it every day. But how and what and why is an enigma. Depending on whose sales pitch you listen to you’ll get different results.

speakThe time to listen is when there is no sales pitch.

I chose to be a Mentor to those who need help with their presence on the Web. My passion is helping people because there were people who helped me along the way as I learned. They were Mentors too. I follow their example.

How many to do articles have you read?

Too many and you’re still trying to figure out how to do something. You only get to figure things out if someone shows you how it is done. Then you can do it, but with your style.

pracThere are so many experts who claim they can do so much. Guaranteed success. Hundreds of people have made it, you can too. Everyone has the potential to succeed, but the journey to success is very different from the “easy to do,” or “save time and money.” A real expert will tell you how difficult it is, but this should be an inspiration. There will always be another list of however many things to do for the perfect outcome. None of those lists work, we all have our own way of doing things.

Your success starts when you decide you’re ready to learn, because you want to.

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