The simple beauty of nature is wondrous. We should not ever take this for granted and fail to see the purity of the color, and appreciate its cycle. The lotus flower is a symbol of triumph over struggle. It begins in the darkest place of the water. Locked in the mud and slowly but surely it rises to the surface of the water.

When we see the lotus blossom fully open we don’t always think of its strange beginnings. We only look upon it with wonder at how it emerged from such depth. We are the same in life. From the darker places within us, we too emerge through all the canyons of depression, and entanglement in life’s complexities.

The unfolding of wisdom in the ideas and allegories give us a sense of hope as we finally emerge into the sunlight. What a relief to feel its warmth and the breeze and then to know that we have completed a cycle, learned a lesson and the world looks different.

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