Your website will occupy space on the Hosting Company’s servers, and there does need to be sufficient memory available to you for your website. A website definitely takes up memory space even if you’re thinking about a small website with a few pages. The technology we have is incredible when you think about it. We haven’t had the ability to self-publish and have dominion over something as efficient as a website.

There are plenty of Hosting Companies to consider. The first question to answer is; how much will it cost. If it’s free and there’s no charge, this won’t do. Anything that comes free will have a catch. The free version will come with ads, to remove the ads, upgrade. That eliminates the free version.

Attractive Introductory Monthly Rates

The introductory rate could be as low as $1.00 per month or $3.95. This is a good rate but remember it has an introductory period, usually three years if you sign up in advance at the low rate of $3.95 per month. The math on that one works out to $142.20, that’s a good deal because you’re signing up for website hosting for a period of three years with a reputable Hosting Company.

What’s the rate after the three years? The rates vary, a reasonable rate after the three year introduction would be $11.95.

The second question to answer; what kind of tech support does the Hosting Company provide? The Website Hosting has what is called a cPanel. This is where you manage the website from the backend. Most of this backend section is maintained by the Hosting Company tech team. This is their job, they keep the servers up to date and running. It’s impossible to know how the backend server works because you’re not working it. Don’t expect yourself to know. Some Hosting Companies have user-friendly interfaces specifically styled to help you manage the backend of your website.

Adequate Tech Support

This is essential and it should be available from the Hosting Company at no extra charge. You also don’t want tech support from volunteers in a forum which is the case if you decide to host your website with a free platform. The free sounds attractive but by now you know it means upgrade to get the service you need if and when something goes wrong with the website. The mechanics of websites will break from time to time. There’s no website that won’t crash or have a plugin conflict of some sort. This is the way technology operates, nothing functions perfectly all the time.

The tech support staff that work in a Hosting Company are paid professionals. They know the system they are working with and this is the kind of technical team you want, so that you don’t have to pay someone to fix a problem when something goes wrong. There are definitely those who will take advantage of someone who isn’t quite sure about what to do when something goes wrong. If you’re with a good Hosting Company you’ll never have to worry if you need to contact tech support. They are there twenty-four seven and they know how to fix the problem and the problem will be solved for you, at no extra cost to you.

Which is the best Hosting Company?

Be prepared to pay something for good service. If the hosting is cheap tech support will be extra.

My Recommendation

SiteGround. I have used their services since 2012. Excellent quality tech support! The link provided is my affiliate link.

Owning a website is a responsibility but the website is an affordable self-publishing tool that will assist you to do business and communicate on the web with your specific project. Now that you’ve decided on a Hosting Company you need to Choose a WordPress Theme.

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