The style of a website means the way it looks, the design, the colors, the typography, the logo, isn’t this what the designer does for a website? Not if you have the software to style the website you don’t need a designer.

Not everyone likes to style, that’s when you find a designer but you must be prepared to pay them for their services. As you should. No one should work for free.

Design Tools

Design tools contained within the website software are made for this purpose. Notice the heading Design Tools with the small highlight added in, this is a Design Tool. It is a plugin that is specifically made to enhance the style of the text.

I can also change the text style and make it a different color:

Change The Text Style

This is done inside the Text Module in the Design section where I can change the color, and the style of the heading. All this is done by selecting the style and the style appears. There’s no magic to it. It’s just one of the many features built into the software used to style a website.

The point of style is to showcase the content in a form that is attractive and pleasing to the visitor. If there is too much print it is tiresome to read. I’m sure you’ve noticed how different life is for us. We now consume larger quantities of information and we are often operating on information overload.


The Images

Images are vital to the style of a website. They convey meaning without words. All the images should be compressed and resized before uploading it into the website. 

If an image file is too large it will slow the page load time. 

Styling is possible with any module. There is no limit to the design you can use. The only thing to avoid is overdoing the style.

You don’t have to follow the trend of styles. They will always change and you’ll find yourself wondering which style is the best style. There isn’t one. 


The style can always be altered and the text can change color. Even the background can be changed. 

Uniquely Different

You will stand out from the competition when you start to style a website. It will be your style and not a uniform style that looks like every other website.

Styling is effective and the choice of color for the style of the website is a matter of personal choice. You can look up the meanings of colors but it comes down to what color resonates with your idea for the website you want to create. All the styling done on this website cost $0.00 because the style elements are built into the software of the Divi Theme.

But what about the best practices, and this kind of styling won’t work for SEO because the content is contained in a module. Well, a search engine crawls the website, and if your content is topical and relevant to the search query; your website will be found. 

An ‘expert’ will tell you that you need them to do it for you, and you’re not able to do it. Why? Because they want to charge you for their service and optimize for SEO. The way you optimize for SEO is to offer regular topical content.

Style a website Using Divi.

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